Drew Shalka’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Intro Canadian singer, instrumentalist and songwriter
Is Musician 
From Canada 
Type Music 
Gender male
Birth 1995, Bonnyville, Canada
Age: 25 years

Edward Drew Shalka (born March 1, 1995), known professionally as Drew Shalka, is a Canadian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist and bassist of the Canadian rock band FKB. He was nominated for a Juno Award for Distant Danger by Nuela Charles.

Early life

Edward Drew Shalka was born on March 1, 1995 in Bonnyville, Alberta. He joined the band FKB as lead vocalist and bassist while he was in high school in 2009. Growing up he was heavily influenced by the music of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Elvis Presley.

Musical career

Shalka’s career in music began with FKB when he met Derek Chalut at school. The band attracted local notoriety and caught the attention of singer-songwriter Clayton Bellamy of the Canadian country band The Road Hammers at a car show in late 2012. Bellamy became interested in their music and co-wrote and produced their first EP 123 FKB. Following the release in 2014, the band would go on to perform hundreds of shows across Canada and the United States supporting acts including The Trews, Bif Naked, Mother Mother, Dear Rouge, The Road Hammers, Dan Davidson, Pop Evil, and Scott Helman.

In 2017, FKB released the single “Bright Lights” accompanied by a music video and tour of Canada and the United States. They followed this with the single and music video for “My Bedroom” in January 2018 along with another string of Western Canadian tour dates. In July 2018, they released another single with a music video titled “Casual Love” on KnightVision Records.

Shalka co-wrote the single “Danger” released by Canadian singer-songwriter Nuela Charles in 2018. The song reached top 10 on CBC Music and was on Charles’ Juno Award nominated album Distant Danger. The single and album won “Pop Recording of the Year” and “Album of the Year” respectively at the Edmonton Music Awards in 2019.

In late 2019, Shalka and the other members of FKB all portrayed themselves and performed their song “My Bedroom” in the film Moments in Spacetime.

Awards and nominations

Year Organization Award Nominee/Work Result
2018 Edmonton Music Awards Adult Alternative Recording of the Year Bright Lights Nominated
2019 Juno Awards Adult Contemporary Album of the Year Distant Danger Nominated
2019 Edmonton Music Awards Pop Recording of the Year Danger Won
2019 Edmonton Music Awards Album of the Year Distant Danger Won


Songwriting and performance credits

Title Year Artist Album Credits Written with Producer
“Crystal Ball” 2014 FKB 123 FKB Co-writer/Lead Vocals/Bass/Keyboards Clayton Bellamy, Zackery Moon, Zachary Fontaine, Derek Chalut Clayton Bellamy
“Turn on the Lights” Co-writer/Lead Vocals/Bass
“She Thinks She’s the Only One”
“Take Me Home”
“123 FKB”
“Bright Lights” 2017 Bright Lights Co-writer/Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar Travis Topylki, Derek Chalut, Zachary Fontaine
“My Bedroom” 2018 My Bedroom Co-writer/Lead Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Guitar
“Casual Love” Casual Love
“Danger” 2018 Nuela Charles Distant Danger Co-writer Nuela Charles, Brandon Unis, Brad Simons, Ryan Worsley Ryan Worsley
“Backseat Daydream” 2019 FKB Backseat Daydream Co-writer/Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar/Backing Vocals Clayton Bellamy, Travis Topylki, Derek Chalut, Zachary Fontaine Clayton Bellamy
“Glow” 2020 Glow Co-writer/Lead Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Guitar/Backing Vocals Clayton Bellamy, Dan Davidson Clayton Bellamy and Dan Davidson