A Christmas Mystery Is Streaming On HBO Max – Where Was It Filmed?

A Christmas Mystery is comedy mystery film for HBO Max filmed entirely in California. It is set in the fictional Oregon town of Pleasant Bay.

It is all set to release and set the bar high. The show is all about the theft of a strip of Santa Claus’s enchanted jingle bells shortly before this year’s Christmas.

When George, the father of Violet’s best friend, is unjustly detained for stealing the valuable bells, Violet and her friends set out to solve the riddle and track down the real thief.

They must locate the bells before Christmas in order to bring peace and prosperity to the town and dispel the unfounded accusations against George using the remarkable detective abilities of the gang of interested and tenacious children.

The tense yet humorous story adds something new to the lineup of holiday films and keeps audiences interested from start to finish.

In the meantime, the Pleasant Bay setting of “A Christmas Mystery” might have the fans wondering where the movie was truly filmed.

A Christmas Mystery Was Filmed In California

A Christmas Mystery was shot in California, primarily in Petaluma and Los Angeles.

According to sources, the Oscar Nuez-starring film’s principal photography started in June 2022 and ended in early July of the same year.

So let’s accompany the kids on their mission right now and receive a complete list of every location mentioned in the HBO Max movie!

Petaluma, California

Most of the film, A Christmas Mystery, was filmed in the Sonoma County city of Petaluma, California.

The appropriately adorned Petaluma Historical Library & Museum at 204th Street was used as the backdrop for various shots that the production crew was seen filming. Also apparently used for some of the scenes was Keller Street CoWork, which is located at 140 Keller Street.

Petaluma was a good location to shoot the movie since it is close to the ocean and has characteristics that make it a good stand-in for any town in the US.

In a mid-June 2021 interview with the Petaluma Argus-Courier, one of the producers, Ava Rettke, stated her love for Petaluma and discussed why she believes it would be the ideal filming location. She also mentioned that the place is quite different for being such a little town.

Los Angeles, California

The filmmaking crew reportedly went to Los Angeles to wrap out “A Christmas Mystery” production.

Beautiful beaches, upscale neighborhoods, connections to the film industry, and a vibrant downtown area are some of LA’s most well-known features.

A Christmas Mystery 2022 Airs on HBO Max This Holiday Season

A Christmas Mystery 2022 is all set to air on HBO Max on November 24th, 2022.

The other HBO Max Thanksgiving film, A Holiday Harmony, will also be released on the same day as this one. So, there might be a tuff competition between these two films.

These two films are only accessible on HBO Max and nowhere else. A Christmas Mystery 2022, an HBO Max original film, is set to release and become streamable in the early hours of its premiere.