ABC Sports Presenter Tony Armstrong Denied, He Has A Secret Wife

Tony Armstrong is constantly asked about his wife and his relationships. Usually, the sports presenter does not entertain these questions, but he has recently addressed this issue.

Armstrong, 33, is an Aboriginal Australian television presenter who is also a former professional Australian rules footballer. He participated in Australian Football League games for the Sydney Swans, Adelaide Football Club, and Collingwood Football Club.

He currently hosts the sports segment on News Breakfast on ABC. He received the Graham Kennedy Award at the 2022 Logies for Most Popular New Talent for his work on this show.

The 33-year-old former AFL player has been making the headlines constantly, leading the media to focus on his personal life. Although many questions remain unanswered, he has revealed the truth about the rumors of his secret wife.

Some Quick Facts About Tony Armstrong

Name Tony Armstrong
Age 33
Birth 29 September 1989
Height 85 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Weight 72 kg (159 lb)

Tony Armstrong Denied He Has A Secret Wife

The ABC sports presenter Tony Armstrong has always been questioned and asked if he has a secret wife. The Aboriginal Australian has finally addressed this speculation. 

According to the Daily Mail, Armstrong, the recipient of a Logie, has disputed rumors that he has a “secret wife” who keeps out of the public eye.

The 33-year-old ABC star, apparently single, laughed when he was informed of the rumors during this weekend’s interview with Stellar magazine.

“Do you think I would tell you if I had a hidden wife I had been hiding all this time? “He laughed. Tony stressed that although he is not opposed to the concept of marriage, he won’t be getting married to just anyone.

“I suppose I’ve had to be in a spot where I can also give them what they need, and it’s got to be someone very unique,” he remarked.

Tony clarified that even though his career may flourish now, he is determined not to fall by the fame-seeking gimmick. He is simply trying to remind himself to take it easy and not get caught up in the good times. And not believe it when they don’t.

In a May interview with the Herald Sun, Tony discussed his personal life as there were rumors that he would be the next Bachelor. 

Is Tony Armstrong Married?

Tony Armstrong, a former AFL player, has not been married. However, he has not officially announced his relationship with anyone.

In addition to denying that Armstrong has been secretly married, he has not been seen publicly with anyone else. Moreover, he has not posted pictures or shared posts that hint if he is dating anyone.

He usually posts pictures of his time with friends and his professional life on his official Instagram account. He has revealed that he is willing to start a new relationship and get married soon, but Tony has something else to focus on right now.

His name and popularity will help him establish a good and long-term relationship with his new partner.

Tony Armstrong Was Raised By A Single Mother

Armstrong was born as the only kid in his family on September 29th, 1989, and was brought up by his single mother, Margaret Anne Armstrong.

He appreciated his mother for all the love and support she gave to her son, which allowed him to lead an extraordinary life when he received the 2022 Logies.

Margaret, Tony’s mother, a primary school teacher at the time, pooled all of her earnings to pay for Tony to attend Assumption College in Kilmore. It was a boarding institution with a stellar reputation as a football academy. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a scholarship to attend the prestigious school. His mother thus made “great sacrifices” to support him.

Tony recently said in his thank-you speech after getting the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Host that his mother is the most significant person in his life and that she means the world to him.

Armstrong, the only child of his mother, was raised in a two-person household with his mother. He never knew his Aboriginal father because he was not there during his birth and childhood. Instead, his mum raised him in Cabramatta, southwest of Sydney, New South Wales.

Some FAQs

Is Tony Armstrong Married?

Armstrong has denied all the speculations which said that he was secretly married.

What is the nationality of Tony Armstrong?

Tony Armstrong is an Aboriginal Australian born in Albury, New South Wales.