AFLW Brihony Dawson Is Married To Wife Shae Dawson As She Gets Ready To Host The Challenge

Brihony Dawson is happily married to her wife, Shae Dawson. She is a non-binary The Challenge host and football broadcaster in the AFLW.

Dawson is the first non-binary host of a significant TV program in Australia. Dawson, a 38-year-old singer and MC who does not identify as either male or female and uses the pronouns they/them, expressed their hope that securing their ideal gig will enhance the visibility of non-binary persons in the media.

The Channel host, Brihony, covers every aspect of the entertainment industry, whether as an MC, event entertainment, a funny lecture on LGBTIQ learning in the workplace, or an interactive conference element.

Brihony, who has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producers and international rock icons, is prepared to make events legendary. In team-building activities like SongDivision’s Team Anthem or Song Slam, Brihony’s energy and charm can turn teams into rockstars like no other. Her outstanding conference openers, closers, and musical performances make her a favored choice among clients.

AFLW Brihony Dawson And Wife Shae Dawson Together Since 2018

Shae Dawson is well-recognized as the wife of singer, TV host, and football broadcaster Brihony Dawson. The two have been together for more than four years and continue to be pillars of support for one another’s careers.

Brihony first revealed their relationship on Facebook in 2019 with a caption. “My love, I’ll be there for you, and we can go together. Let’s call it home and dwell in the warmth of one another’s hearts. I promise to practice the patience that such love demands since I have found my true self in you.”

The couple has happily cohabitated since 2019 and has discussed starting a family.

Brihony Dawson Credits Shae For Much of Her On-Screen Success

Brihony Dawson is not afraid to take chances in her professional career, and Shae Dawson’s support is one of the primary factors in this.

After they started dating in 2018, Shae was able to watch Brihony’s profession develop while supporting her during some of the most crucial times.

The pair have demonstrated the exposure of non-binary persons in the media despite being a non-binary pair. When Brihony was growing up, it was difficult for her because there wasn’t anyone like her on television, in movies, or elsewhere in the media.

However, Brihony has now become incredibly well-known in the media. She currently serves as the host of The Challenge Australia, one of the most anticipated reality television series. Brihony has garnered spectators’ attention throughout her career as a sports analyst, songwriter, and performer at events. 

Brihony Dawson And Shae’s Fertility Story

Brihony Dawson and Shae Dawson first discussed starting a family when they first fell in love. Three years later, they started their path toward parenthood with Rainbow Fertility. Brihony said before dating Shae, she had never thought of having children.

A TV host had always planned to do it once she had reached certain professional milestones. When Dawson’s couple later fell in love, it felt natural to establish a family and plan our future together, according to Brihony. When Brihony was 34 years old, she recalled having ideas like, “We’d best get started on the family before eggs dissolve!”

Then, in the past year, Brihony and Shae began their joint reproductive journey; they had not intended to start so soon, but after COVID-19 took control, they felt as though so many aspects of their lives were in uncertainty.