Aliko Dangote’s House: What We Found Out

Aliko Dangote is the richest black man in the world today.  Little wonder he lives in a posh and expensive home. Rumor has it that the house worth up to $30Million. The house is located at Abuja. The house will prove to be one of the most beautiful edifices you have seen in a long time.

On the exterior, it is painted white with glasses dotting here and there on the windows. The fence surrounding the perimeter too is painted white. The gate is painted black and it stands out among its white environs.  The environment is clean and welcoming, with green lawn both outside the fence and within the perimeter.

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The interior is beautifully furnished with touch of Victorian beauty all over the place. Virtually every room has touch of class. Its ornamental design makes it out of this world. There is a very big room well furnished with easy chairs and varieties of lighting and with paintings hanging against the walls.

Sculptures are also not wanting in the big room. Rumor has it that this is the room where Dangote holds business discussions with both government officials and his business partners.

His kitchen is yet another wonder place to behold. It is more or less a paradise to behold. The lighting in the kitchen is far from what you can get even in the most beautiful hotels in Nigeria.

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