Amanda Peterson From Love Is Blind: Age and Wiki

Amanda Peterson from Love is Blind is stylish and has come to find her potential partner in the third season of the dating show.

Amanda is a 31-year-old stylist seeking love with a “terrible skill of communication.”

Taking part in the Love Is Blind experiment, which depends almost entirely on talking, must be terrifying for her. She has revealed that her choice while picking “the wrong guys,” is very persistent,t which scares her the most this time. Amanda speaks aloud while thinking things through auditioned for the show and did not think she would make it through.

Looking at her Instagram, we can also find out that her love for dogs is a bit too high, as her dog, an adorable Pomeranian, takes up much space on her social media. She also posts about her going for an adventurous day in nature and making the most out of it. From this, it looks like Amanda is a big-time fan of the outdoors and enjoys the beach and the snow. 

Facts About Amanda Peterson

  1. Amanda Peterson is a stylist hailing from The Colony, Texas, the United States of America. She has recently been cast in Love is Blind season three.
  2. Her age is 31 years old, as she was born in 1991. Even though she hasn’t revealed her actual birthday, she revealed her zodiac is Capricorn.
  3. The professional stylist lacks communication skills and describes herself as a terrible communicator and unexpressive.
  4. The 31-year-old has an Instagram follower of 1390 and posts mostly about her dog and promotes her business on her Instagram.
  5. The love is blind contestant loves adventure and can be seen being involved in different sports and treks to fill up her adrenaline rush.
  6. Her company is based in Texas but is also branched out to Florida and Tampa.

Some FAQs

Who is Amanda Peterson from Love is Blind?

Amanda Peterson is a stylist from The Colony, USA all set to find her potential partner in Love is Blind.

How old is Amanda Peterson?

Amanda Peterson is currently 31 years old as she was born on 1991. However, she hasn’t revealed her actual birthdate.

What does Amanda Peterson owns?

Amanda Peterson owns a brand known as The 50 Shades of Beige.