Yes, Angie Asimus Is Pregnant, When Is Her Baby Due?

Since Angie shared news about her second pregnancy, everyone seems eager to know her due date; it seems she is expecting a baby on 2023.

An Australian news presenter is ready to welcome her second baby with her better half, Chris Abbott. She shared a photo on her Instagram profile, which was published in Woman’s Day Magazine Australia. The magazine revealed her good news with a title, “Seven’s Angie Asimus Life’s About To Get Busier.”

Angie captioned this photo as 2023 is looking good. According to the magazine, the news presenter is cherishing her second pregnancy. Hence it can be assumed that her due date may be on 2023.

 Woman’s Day Magazine Australia featured a captivating photo of Angie showing her baby bump and congratulated her for the great blessing her family is waiting for.

Asimus gave birth to her first son in April 2020. The cute little one, who is only two years old, is ready to welcome his sibling and be called a brother.

The journalist thanked everyone for showering such immense blessings and especially expressed deep gratitude for an Australian magazine for adorably sharing her news.

Angie Asimus Tied The Knot With Chris Abbott

A famous journalist of Seven News Sydney, Angie walked down on aisle with her husband Chris Abbott on February 14, 2020.

The lovebirds decided to wed after having an affair for around twelve years. Chris is an Australian entrepreneur and neurologist by profession and appears a gentleman with a good-looking personality.

Chris and Angie welcomed their first child, Austin, and shared the good news with their well-wishers. 

Even though the pair have been in a relationship for a long period of time, the love and affection between the couple are quite commendable. They supported each other through all thick and thin and looked like a perfectly matched couple.

Chris prefers to keep him behind the curtains, but Angie routinely shares her family picture on her Instagram. She felt blessed to have such a loving and understanding partner.

More On Her Age, Career

Angie Asimus is currently running at 37 since her birthdate fell on August 12, 1985.

A popular weather broadcaster launched her career in the field of journalism in 2008. Her very first job was with Seven Queensland working in their Townsville newsroom. She is an ambitious woman from the beginning who gave her best in every work assigned.

Analyzing her skills and expertise, she was approached for the position of court reporter in 2010. Her career had several ups and down, but she never gave up on her dreams.

In January 2014, she began forecasting the weather on Friday and Saturday as a reporter with Seven News in Sydney. Her dedication and devotion to her profession made her an accomplished journalist in Australia.