Who Are The Voice UK Winner Anthonia Edwards Parents?

The Voice UK winner Anthonia Edwards was born to her father Emmanuel Edwards and mother Ayodele Edwards. 

She seems really close to her parents as the singer shares images with her family frequently on her Instagram account. She also has a sister in her family but her name has not come to the surface yet. 

Anthonia’s mother Ayodele is also a singer, the mother-daughter duo is seen collaborating on songs frequently. They also share their songs on social media accounts. The Voice winner might have gotten her singing talent from her mother and is excelling in the industry. 

Her father Emmanuel is also into music, but he does not seem to sing like his daughter. Instead, her father plays keyboards and other instruments. The family is seen making music in their leisure time. 

Emmanuel is found using an Instagram account with his username @emmanueledwards. He celebrates his birthday on April 17 every year but his actual age is not known. Anthonia’s father’s age could be between 45 to 50 years old, judging by his images available online. 

They are also seen going on walks and family dinners together, they seem to be closely knit together. While Anthonia also has a sister in her family as seen in their family pictures, much information about her sister has not emerged on the web yet. She is also not seen using social media accounts. 

What Is Anthonia Edwards Age?

Anthonia Edwards is 25 years old, she was born on September 11, 1997. 

However, Edwards never shares images or glimpses of her birthday celebration on her social media account In fact, she tries to keep her personal life as far from the media as possible but netizens and tabloid media have been able to dig into her personal life and gather information. 

Edwards was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. She grew up in Blackheath, London with her family. She grew up playing with her younger sister in her childhood. 

As we mentioned earlier, her family is filled with singers and musicians she might had a musical childhood but she does not speak much about her childhood on the web. However, she decided to pursue healthcare as a profession keeping her singing talent aside. 

She is a registered nurse and worked with COVID-19-infected patients during the pandemic, now the pandemic is pretty much under control she has decided to follow her passion for music and has been crowned winner of The Voice UK season 9. 

Anthonia Edwards Boyfriend: Is She In A Relationship?

Anthonia Edwards appears to be single as of 2022, she has not revealed her relationship to the public. 

The singer has never shared any images with her beau on her Instagram account or has revealed about her relationship while speaking to the press and media. She has given quite a few interviews online but has refrained from speaking about her relationship. 

Although she appears to be single lately, she might be keeping her relationship out of public sight and most celebrities tend to keep their relationship to themself to avoid unwanted media attention and online drama. It is possible she might be enjoying her love life with her beau in private but everything will be confirmed once she speaks for herself. 

Furthermore, Edwards has not been linked to any other celebrities in the past. She has also not shared anything about her past relationships or ex-boyfriends to the internet yet. 

Some FAQs

Who Are Anthonia Edwards Parents?

Anthonia Edwards was born to her parents Emmanuel Edwards, a keyboardist, and Ayodele Edwards, a singer.

What Is Anthonia Edwards Age?

Anthonia Edwards is 25 years old, she was born on September 11, 1997, in London, United Kingdom.

Does Anthonia Edwards Have A Boyfriend?

No, Anthonia Edwards does not have a boyfriend as of 2022. She has not revealed anything about her relationship on the web.

What Is Anthonia Edwards Instagram?

Anthonia Edwards is found using Instagram under her username @anthoniaemusic, she has 2.9k followers so far.