Anwar Ibrahim Net Worth: How rich is the New Prime Minister of Malaysia worth?

Malaysian politician, Anwar Ibrahim’s real net worth is not known yet. On several occasions, the net worth of politicians is not on public display unless they made their wealth before they became well-known politicians. Considering that Ibrahim has been a politician for more than three decades, it surely means that he has managed to gather a few million in assert and cash.

Anwar Ibrahim education

Where did Anwar Ibrahim attend school? Which school did Anwar Ibrahim attend? What is Anwar Ibrahim’s educational background? Anwar Ibrahim attended Malay College Kuala Kangasar. He also attended the University of Malaya. In addition to that, he worked on his Master’s Degree in Literature while in prison, at the National University of Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim awards

Has Anwar Ibrahim won any awards? What are some of the awards won by Anwar Ibrahim? Anwar Ibrahim has won a few prestigious honors and awards. Some of these are;

  • Grand Knight of the Order of Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang (1990)
  • Grand Commander of the Exalted Order of Malacca (1991)
  • Companion of the Order of the Defender of State (1994)
  • Knight Grand Commander of the Order of Loyalty to Negeri Sembilan (1994)