Armie Hammer’s Father, Businessman Michael Armand Hammer, Dead at 67 from Cancer

Michael Armand Sledge, the financial specialist father of entertainer Armie Mallet, has died. He was 67. A source affirms with Individuals that Michael died from malignant growth.

TMZ was first to report the news, adding that Michael — who is the grandson of oil head honcho Armand Sledge, who ran Occidental Petrol Organization — died on Sunday.

Months after Armie’s better half Elizabeth Chambers sought legal separation in July 2020 following 10 years of marriage, Armie, 36, was entangled in debate after messages purportedly from the entertainer itemizing brutal sexual dreams were released on the web.

The Call out to Me by You entertainer was subsequently blamed for assault by a lady with whom he had been seeing someone, he completely denied.

This previous February, a source said Armie’s “fundamental need is to be clearheaded and remain sober for the children and Elizabeth.”

Back in September 2020, Armie educated English GQ concerning detaching with his family in a Cayman Islands condo alongside Michael and stepmom Dim Millward, whom Michael proposed to in 2017. “It was a truly thought family time, which is truly perfect with the children, yet it was extraordinary,” he said at that point.

“Handle it well? No. It was, what was happening, with big characters generally secured in a negligible spot,” he added at that point. “It was extreme, man. I’d never managed any such thing before in my life, so I didn’t have the apparatuses. It was only this thing that surprised everyone. I don’t think I dealt with it quite well. I think, honestly, I verged on totally flipping out.”

“I just felt totally weak,” he proceeded. “Furthermore, I was on an island where the lockdown was extreme to such an extent that mail lacked the ability to come in.

I felt so seriously caught, similar to a trapped in a wolf catch and needs to bite his own foot off. I was very much like, ‘I can’t do this. Get me out of here.’ ”

Armie recently told Vulture back in 2017 about the “fortunate” way his mom Dru Ann Mobley initially met Michael on a plane. Michael and ex Dru shared two children, Armie and Viktor.

“My father should be on a flight, went to the air terminal, and got pounded and dropped. He failed to catch his plane, awakened, and was like, ‘Gracious God, I have a gathering!’ So he needed to go to every one of the carriers and he triumphed ultimately the keep going seat accessible on this small carrier called Dream Air, which doesn’t exist any longer,” expressed Armie at that point.

“He’s tall — 6-foot-2 — and very claustrophobic, so subsequent to sitting in this center seat for some time, he stood up and said, ‘Please accept my apologies, everyone, except I truly can’t do this.

Is there anyone who may switch seats with me?’ ” Proceeded with Armie, “And the individual close to my mother was like, ‘Definitely, I’ll switch seats with you.’

So he sat close to my mother, who was going with her sweetheart at that point, however he was snoozing for the entire flight.

After they’d been talking for some time and getting along, my father was like, ‘Is that your sweetheart?’ And my mother said, ‘No.’ And that was the manner by which everything sort of begun.”

Michael’s sister Casey Sledge stood up in a discovery+ docuseries that appeared recently called Place of Mallet.

The series investigated the charges against Armie, as well as “the dim, curved tradition of the Sledge administration” and family ancestry.