Australian F1 Racer Jack Doohan Has The Belief Of His Parents In Achieving A Career In Racing Like His Father

Jack Doohan was influenced by his parents, especially his father, Mick Doohan, to become a race driver. The F1 Racer Jack respects his dad Mick for guiding him to achieve his goals. His mother, Selina Doohan, has also helped him by providing enough care and support to him ever since he was a kid.

The 19-year-old son of a racer is currently associated with Virtuosi Racing and competing in the FIA Formula 2 Championship. He was first recognized as the son of the legendary motorcycle racer listed as a member of the Order of Australia. 

Jack initiated his career by competing in the F4 British Championship when he was 15. The same year, he tagged with Prema Powerteam and participated in German and Italian Formula 4. 

The young Australian made his official F1 debut in FP1 in the Mexico City Grand Prix, where he drove the Alpine of Esteban Ocon

Mick Doohan And Selina Siles Doohan Are Proud Parents Of Jack

Jack was born to his parents, Mick Doohan and Selina Siles, on 20 January 2003 in Gold Coast, Australia. The late teen racer has made them proud for his early success in FIA Formula racing. 

The Australian car racer might have followed his father’s footsteps in the racing industry, but Jack chose four-wheeler racing over his dad’s two-wheel career. 

Jack’s Dad Is A Professional Motorcycle Racer 

Mick is a former professional road racing champion of Australia. He gained respect in the industry for his competitive skills and five consecutive wins in the 500 cc World Championships.

He is one of those few racers who have won MotoGP World Champions and also a Superbike World Championship. 

He initiated his racing career in the late 1980s by competing in the Australian Superbikes and bagged Superbike World Championship. In 1989 he made his first Moto GP debut for Honda on their two-stroke NSR 500 cc. A year later, he claimed his first podium in Hungarian Grand Prix.

In 1991, Mick was paired with his home country rider Wayne Gardner for a Suzuka eight hours endurance race which they successfully won on Honda RVF750. 

Mick Nearly Lost His Leg After A Crash 

The former Honda rider went to practice for the 1992 Dutch TT, where he had a severe accident. As a result, he got a serious injury in his right leg, which almost got amputated because of medical complications. 

As reported on Wheels Media, the renowned rider described the crash and admitted it was his fault that caused him to have a serious impact on his leg. However, he told the crash was nothing unusual as the race marshals had just put a red flag after he had reached the start/finish line. 

Apparently, someone had just dropped some fluid on the track, and when Doohan went to turn one at an approximate speed of 170km/h, he came out with a bike sideways and flipped off. He remembers sliding almost in a straight line with a motorcycle on top of him. 

But Mick made a major mistake when he tried to spiral himself out from below the bike. Everything nearly went as planned, as his body spiraled, but his leg which eventually broke it. 

The champion competed in Grand Prix simultaneously and was leading with 65 points over the second rider. However, the crash kept him to the rest for eight weeks. Even though he was recovering, he again got back on track for the last two remaining races. 

But unfortunately, luck was not in his favor, and he could not win the title over Yamaha rider Wayne Rainey. Doohan lost by only four points. In the following season, he faced the problem of healing his leg and found himself in a difficult position to compete for Honda elite. 

Still, he was competing and had won his first 500 cc World Championship in 1994. But in 1999, he again met another crash breaking his leg in several places. So finally, the legendary rider announced his retirement from the Grand Prix. But he again appeared in 2011 Isle Man of TT and did a parade lap over the Snaefell Mountain Course. 

Five-Time World Champion Doohan Experienced Four Wheelers Race  

Coming out with a successful Grand Prix motorcycle career, the five-time world champion of 500cc got a chance to drive a Formula one car at Circuit de Catalunya in Spain in 1998. But he found the car very difficult to handle and crashed it on a guard rail. 

In 2001, he got behind the wheel of a Mercedez Benz CLK55 AMG rally car for the Targa Tasmania Tarmac Rally. Mark Stacey, his co-driver, assisted him. They held thirteen positions on the third day of the race but, unfortunately, crashed. The good thing about the incident was that both inside the vehicle were unharmed. 

Nevertheless, throughout the years, he had great support from his children’s mother, Selina Siles, whom he started to date in the mid-90s.

Jack Father And Mother Are Active In Social Media

Both of Jack’s parents are active social media users, with their constant presence on Instagram. Like his son Mick Insta, he has kept it public and is also a verified user with over 35.1k followers and only 42 posts. Most of his uploads refer to his lifestyle and his professional career. 

The former motorcycle racer has also shared an image of his personal life, which includes the moment with his family. In addition, he has tagged his beautiful wife on the platform. 

She goes by the username @sel_doohan, with 312 posts on the site. But unlike her husband and son, she has kept her profile private, only allowing a few people to follow her. As a result, Selina might share much more about her family and life on the site than her beloved spouse. 

F1 Racer Jack Doohan Witnessed His Parents Wedding

F1 racer Doohan is one of the lucky ones who got to witness his parents’ wedding. Mick and Selina reportedly got married on 21 March 2006 in Hamilton Island. The pair were reportedly dating each other since 1995. 

Before the pair finally got tied in the knot, they were already blessed with two kids. By the time of their marriage, their racer son Jack was just three years old, whereas their first child and only daughter Allexis was already six. 

The ceremony was held in All Saint’s Chapel, where the couple only invited their nearest and dearest friend and family. On the special occasion, the Doohan pair had kept their daughter a flower girl and their son a page boy. 

Mick had picked his elder brother Colin as his best man, whereas Selina had only one bridesmaid, her younger sibling Krisanne.