Billy Brownless New Partner Justine Age Gap and Relationship Timeline

Former Australian Rules footballer Billy Brownless finally confirmed having a relationship with his partner Justine. 

The 55-year-old that he has started dating again, claiming to have recently established a close friendship with Justine. They are currently considering their possibilities.

In his statement to The Herald Sun, he said, “It’s a fairly new bond for him and they are moving along slowly.” 

Billy’s desire to start dating for a second time has long been the subject of interest. He had previously made an effort to play down rumors that he had been seen out on dates with an unidentified woman and suppressed jokes from his Triple M coworkers about it.

His romantic life has received much attention for his fame and legacy. 

Meet Billy Brownless New Partner Justine- Their Age Gap Compared

Billy Brownless recently revealed the new start in his romantic life, with Justine as confirmed by The Herald Sun.

This became excellent news for his fans and supporters as they had long since wished for him to find someone. 

His girlfriend Justine has maintained a low-key appearance despite dating one of the most famous icons of AFL. They made their first public appearance on Stakes Day in 2022.

Ever since his divorce with ex-wife, Nicki Brownless, people have known about his sufferings and troubles many times.  

Billy, a former Footy Show legend and Triple M radio host, refers to himself as a “fisherman” when looking for love. However, Brownless was forced to admit the truth when his Triple M teammates teased the former All-Australian for being seen out on dates with an unidentified woman.

Although he did not provide any other details regarding Justine, she seems to be in her 40s based on her pictures and information on The Heraldsun and Getty images, respectively

Billy Brownless Relationship With His Ex-wife Nicky

Nicki and Brownless were married for over 18 years before their divorce. They have two sons, Oscar and Max, and daughters, Lucy and Ruby, from nearly two decades of marriage.

The AFL legend and Nicki made headlines in 2016 after it was revealed that they had divorced in 2015 after 18 years of marriage and that Nicki had gone on to date one of Brownless’s friends, Garry Lyon. Lyon quited The Footy Show with depression due to the relationship, leading to a bitter falling-out between Brownless and him.

Before Nicky and Lyon came out as a couple, both men’s marriages had broken down, but Billy still felt betrayed because they had told him they were nothing more than “just good friends.”

Billy and Garry took steps toward reconciliation in 2020 after six years of hatred when Brownless declared they were in a “nice situation,” They also spent Christmas Day together that year.

The Former Geelong player’s daughter Lucy considered the meal between the two blended families lovely and that it went exceptionally well, where everyone was delighted to be there, in her statement to the Herald Sun.

Although he acknowledged that he had not quite restored his friendship with Lyon, he suggested that eventually, the two “may” be able to get along again.

Nicky Brownless And Garry Lyon Are Quite Close Despite Their Scandalous Start

It has been six years since Nicky left her husband, Billy Brownless, for his best mate Gary. Their start to the relationship might not have been the best, but they seem to be very close.

According to Dailymail, Garry Lyon and Nicky Brownless attended the Australian Open together and appeared more in love than ever. The former AFL player affectionately put his arm around Nicky’s shoulder while beaming as they arrived at Melbourne Park.

The two have maintained a low profile and are rarely pictured together after the initial wave of negative attention. Billy was taken by surprise by Garry six years ago when, only a year after their divorce, Lyon began dating his wife of 18 years.

The Geelong veteran spoke up about how the controversy had affected his family a month after it first made news, stating that “a good mate wouldn’t do that.” He shockingly admitted that Nicky and Garry might have been dating secretly for a long time.

Despite their conflict, the men have patched things up because they have celebrated Christmas for the last two years as a mixed family.

Billy and his children Oscar, Max, Lucy, and Ruby attended the festive meal Nicky, 51, and Garry, 55, threw for the once-separated family.

Nicky explained how the reunion came about to The Daily Telegraph: “I just said, everyone gets on a plane.” Both best mates appeared friendly in social media pictures taken at the Red Hill retreat Nicky shares with Garry on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.