Who Was 29-Year-Old Brothers Keeper Gangster Meninder Dhaliwal?

Meninder Dhaliwal was a 29-year-old Brothers Keeper gangster from Vancouver who was shot to death on July 24 in Whistler.

He was a prominent member of several groups and one of the unit’s faces.

Dhaliwal became the victim of the ongoing gang conflict between BK & other gangs such as the United Nations and Red Scorpions. This conflict has been running for some time now, as per reports.

While Maninder’s position and role within the group are not well classified, he was aware of the motive and significant functions of the group. He participated actively in those objectives and was a critical part of the group. Any further information about the late man is unknown at this time.

Meninder Dhaliwal Parents And Family Details

While Meninder Dhaliwal’s parents are unexplored, he lost his older brother, Harb, to a gang conflict around a year ago.

According to the report by Vancouver Sun, Meninder’s older sibling, Harb, died after a hitman shot him in Coal Harbour on April 17, 2021. The two brothers were together at the time, and soon after the hit, Meninder chased the gunman for two blocks.

He eventually caught the man, Francois Gauthier, and stabbed him in the eye but was not charged with assault. The accused hitman, Francois, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and the court gave a verdict of 20 years behind bars with no possibility of parole to the man.

Other members besides his older brother remain unknown as the gangsters usually keep their personal life hidden from the outsiders’ knowledge.

Meninder Dhaliwal Death Reddit Post And Discussion

As a broad community social media platform, discussion about Meninder Dhaliwal’s death is a hot topic on Reddit.

Many people share the news report and additional details on the media portal, while the other community members are opening up about their opinions and views regarding the happening. Several persons who were around when the incident occurred have also spoken about their experiences.

This incident is a prominent headline, and people are discussing it with their peers and on social media as they express their concern regarding the violence.