Chris Dobey Net Worth 2022 and Wife: Is Darts Player Married?

The English dart player Chris Dobey, also known as Hollywood, currently plays in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events.

Born to Gordon Dobey on the 31st of May 1990 in Bedlington, United Kingdom, Chris began playing darts in 2010; before joining Professional Darts Corporation, he played with the British Darts Organisation from 2013 to 2015.

The athlete has competed in multiple premiers events, including Players Ch’ship Finals, The Masters, Premier League Darts, European Championships, World Championships, Grand Slam, UK Open, World Grand Prix, and World Matchplay.

Furthermore, Chris has made it to #22 in World Ranking with prize money worth £244,250 and #2 in Non-Televised PDC Titles; he won his first PDC ranking title at the 18th Players Championship event in Coventry and second ranking at PC28 in Barnsley.

Chris Dobey Net Worth 2022

Chris has been active for over a decade since playing darts in 2010. He has a net worth of over 2 million dollars in 2022.

The athlete grew up with the best player; his dad played the sport in local tournaments but didn’t pursue it professionally, so he was exposed to darts from a young age. 

He has participated in many championships; per a source, his career earnings are £384,750, and he gets sponsored by Unicorn Darts. However, the dart player has kept the details of his paycheck under a closed book. However, the Professional Darts Players Association has shared his prize money to be £244,250. 

Chris Dobey Ranking And Walk On Song

The dart player won his first PDC ranking title at the 18th Players Championship event in 2021 in Coventry. Likewise, he claimed his 2nd ranking title at PC28 in Barnsley.

Nicknamed Hollywood, his current walk-on song is Hollywood by Andrew Cushin. Before that, his walk-on music was Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble by PJ & Duncan, Freed From Desire by Gala, All of The Lights by Rihanna & Elton John, and Going Home by Mark Knopfler.

Chris rose to fame with his television appearance at the 2015 UK Open and qualified for the 2015 World Series of Darts Finals. Since then, he has completed multiple Players Championships. Furthermore, Dobey earned his PDC Pro Tour place in the 2017 World Championship and played in the 2018 World Championship and 2018 UK Open.

Chris Dobey Wife: Is Darts Player Married?

Dobey has kept his civil status confidential, so it is yet to reveal if the darts player is single or a married man.

The athlete is a proud father, and the baby momma of his child is Evyn Warburton; however, she has chosen to stay away from the lame light and public eye.

The pair hasn’t revealed if they have tied the knot or exchanged the wedding vows. Likewise, they have yet to post photos or videos from their big day. 

Furthermore, Evyn has maintained a private Instagram account under the handle @evynrhiannon. Neither has Chris made any posts with his partner on his social media. 

Chris Dobey Has A Child, A Baby Boy

Although the 32 years old dart player has kept his romantic life inside closed doors, he hasn’t kept his baby boy a secret from the media.

Chris has a son named Cole, and he adores his little man. Cole was born in 2017 and celebrated his 5th birthday on the 13th of June 2022. 

The mini Dobey is a happy kid who loves football, and the elder Dobey has shared a few moments of the duo enjoying Newcastle United games. Likewise, they have also been to WWE live.

Furthermore, the little one also throws darts; the athlete shared a video of his 18-month young boy throwing darts on his social media on the 26th of June 2020. His father’s profession must have influenced him to shoot an arrow from a young age. Thus, the love for sports has been passed down to the third generation from granddad to the grandson.

Chris Dobey Parents: Who Is Gordon Dobey?

Hollywood was born to his father, Gordon Dobey, and mother, Mrs. Dobey, in Bedlington, United Kingdom.

Gordon is an outstanding darts player who didn’t turn pro for the sake of his family, as there was no financial security back then to play full-time.

Gordon decided to keep working his way up on a building site as a foreman to support his young family instead of risking chasing his dreams in a sport that had yet to reach its financial boom.

Chris’ mom introduced his dad to the sport in 2010 when he was 20 during a trip to a Bingo night by complete chance. Furthermore, the elder Dobey never forced his son to play darts and always advised him to enjoy it. Moreover, the father-son duo has competed in many local competitions and shared the prize money.

Chris Dobey Has A Cousin Who Also Plays Dart Professionally 

Dobey’s cousin Callan Rydz is a professional darts player from Bedlington; he plays in the Professional Darts Corporation events. 

Rydz is younger than Dobey by eight years; he is 24 years old, born on the 3rd of July 1998. Furthermore, he began playing darts in 2013, and his walk-on music is Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Fender.

The athlete won his first Pro Tour title on the 26th of February 2021 after winning the second 2021 PDC Pro Tour event and qualified for the 2021 World Matchplay.

Moreover, Callan made it to the semi-finals of the 2018 PDC World Youth Championship, qualified for the 2019 UK Open, and won his first PDC title in 2019. Likewise, he reached the quarter-finals of the 2019 PDC World Youth Championship.

Some FAQs

How much is Chris Dobey’s net worth in 2022?

Chris Dobey has a net worth of around 2 million dollars in 2022; his recent prize money was £244,250.

Is Chris Dobey married to his wife?

Chris Dobey has a partner Evyn Warburton, and they share a son, but the pair have kept their relationship away from the public interest.