Dan Hardy Is Traveling And Living Life To The Fullest After Being Released From UFC

Daniel Mark Hardy is best known as an English former MMA fighter who competed in the welterweight class.

Hardy’s professional MMA career began in 2004 when he competed in several promotions, such as Cage Force and Cage Warriors.

The UFC athlete inked a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2008, sometime after his first game.

He faced Georges St-Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship in 2010 but lost by a decision.

On the other hand, Hardy is no longer a part of the UFC Championships and will retire in 2021. Following that, many followers are quite interested in learning about his present situation.

Dan Hardy’s Life After UFC Is Full Of Travel And Enjoyment

Dan, a 40-year-old British fighter, has spent the previous 12 years with the UFC as a welterweight competitor.

After being disabled by Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, the player subsequently returned to the UFC as an analyst.

Hardy was selected as an aside commentator after his stint as an analyst. However, that chapter of the former UFC fighter’s life has concluded.

He left the UFC earlier in 2021 after ten fights and hundreds of commentary hours. However, following his departure from the UFC, the athlete seemed to be in a better position.

Hardy has been seen traveling and enjoying time with his loved ones more often these days. Not only that, but the former UFC player has also been watching the UFC games as an audience.

Hardy And His Girlfriend Veronica Macedo Age Gap: How Old Are They?

Dan Hardy, a former British UFC player is in a relationship with his stunning girlfriend, Veronica Macedo.

Veronica Macedo is a popular Venezuelan-Portuguese MMA fighter. Veronica was born in Caracas, Venezuela on October 30, 1995.

Macedo is 26 years old, but her partner Dan is 14 years her elder. The former UFC fighter is now 40 years old.

Despite their enormous age difference, Veronica and Dan appear to be doing well in their relationship. The pair also appears to encourage each other through their difficulties.

What We Know About Dan’s Dating Life

Daniel Mark Hardy is currently dating an MMA fighter named Veronica Macedo. The happy couple has been together for more than two years now.

The couple was first seen together in 2018, after Dan’s divorce from his ex-wife. After making her UFC debut in 2016, Veronica met Dan.

They fell in love and had a great relationship. Veronica and Dan spend most of their time in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States.

Who Is The UFC Player’s Ex-Wife, Lacey Ann Hardy?

Hardy is reportedly dating his girlfriend Veronica Macedo, although he was previously married to spiritual yoga instructor and Instagram personality Lacey Ann.

The pair had been married for a few years before divorcing in October 2014. Lacey and Dan’s breakup stunned the UFC world since they appeared to have the ideal relationship.

Lacey was regularly spotted altering her hair color after the couple’s divorce, exploring alternative medicine and spirituality, and accompanying her ex-husband to many of his bouts.

Fortunately, despite their divorce, both of them appear to be content. Lacey Ann’s “hot yoga” company continues to develop, and Dan supports his new girlfriend in her conflicts.