Did Amanda Owen Have An Affair? Cheating Rumors Swirl As She Announces Split From Husband Clive Owen

The talks around Amanda Owen cheating on her husband and having an affair began much before the couple announced their split. However, the rocky phase of their relationship was very much known to everyone.

Owen resides and farms on Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, with her husband Clive Owen and their nine children: Raven, Reuben, Miles, Edith, Violet, Sidney, Annas, Clementine, and Nancy Owen. 

She was first known as “The Yorkshire Shepherdess” on Twitter and has since written five books.

Did Amanda Owen Have An Affair? Cheating Rumors

Amanda Owen’s affair rumors have been around for quite some time now. Since the public got notice of the problem in her marriage, she has been linked to cheating on her husband. however, there are all on a hearsay basis. 

The pair came up about the continuing stress that has caused a rift in their relationship some time ago. Furthermore, other locals stated that the pair had been living separated for months! On the one hand, Amanda acknowledged that their relationship is going through a difficult time. She even laughed off the comments about her dating status, which was quite unsettling. 

This laugh actually sparked the rumors on her not being seriously affected by the ongoing tension in her marriage. Further, it does not take a lot for the public to make speculations. However, there has been no evidence whatsoever relating to her cheating on her husband.

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Amanda Owen Announces Split From Husband Clive Owen

After 22 years of marriage, Amanda Owen and her husband Clive have announced their separation. The stars of Our Yorkshire Farm have nine children together and have been married since 2000, five years after meeting in 1995.

Amanda, a 47-year-old Yorkshire shepherdess, announced on her Instagram story that she and Clive, were splitting up.

The couple write in a joint statement that they were heartbroken to report that they have made the painful choice to divorce. It hasn’t been easy, but they both think it is the best decision for their family’s future.

Looking at the joint statement, the duo seemed to have divorced on a mutual term rather than anything ugly (like cheating) hitting the relationship. Further, they both have signed the piece before putting it out on social media. 

On this note, there can be two possibilities, they do not want things to go out of hand, yet have chosen to part ways in a dignified way despite the ugly differences, or the dispute was not at all something to do with cheating or affair as it had been rumored.