Did The Uvalde Shooter Salvador Ramos Die? Where Is He Now?

Uvalde Shooter Salvador Ramos is indeed dead.

According to the authorities, Salvador Ramos was the shooter who entered Robb Elementary School armed with an assault rifle and a tactical vest. He then barricaded himself in classrooms adjacent to each other full of children and began firing his weapon. Eventually, responding authorities entered the room, and a Border Patrol officer fired a shot that ultimately proved fatal to the suspect.

According to State Senator John Whitmire, who received a briefing from law enforcement on Tuesday night, Ramos made two lawful purchases of AR-platform rifles at a local federal weapons licensee on May 17 and 20.

Ramos legitimately acquired the rifles. On May 18, according to Whitmire, who cited law enforcement sources, the suspect also bought 375 rounds of ammo.

State Senator Roland Gutierrez, who represents the city of Uvalde, claimed that the purchases were made in preparation for the 18th birthday of the suspect.

What Happened That Day?

Tuesday’s shooting rampage started before Ramos arrived at Robb Elementary School. Ramos, according to authorities, shot his grandmother in the home where she was staying before fleeing the scene.

According to statements made by officials on Wednesday, the grandmother was taken by helicopter to a nearby medical facility, where she was listed in critical condition and was receiving treatment. After then, she reported the incident to the authorities.

The gunman could flee the scene, and Ramos was engaged in an accident outside the elementary school on his route. After crashing his vehicle into what seemed to be a flood control channel close to the primary school, the suspect emerged with a firearm and a backpack while wearing a tactical vest that held additional ammunition.

Ramos made his way toward the school and entered through a door in the back of the building. After that, he moved toward the school and began firing shots at the structure while officers arrived at the funeral home.

Who Was Salvador Ramos?

Ramos was a student at a nearby high school and resided with his grandparents during his teenage years. He did not have any pals, and he did not have any history of criminal activity or membership with any gangs.

He remained to himself for the most part and worked as the day shift employee at Wendy’s restaurant in the area. Those who had firsthand experience with the gunman tended to characterize him as an introvert with a limited or nonexistent interest in social activities.

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An investigation into Ramos’ past finds that he was a victim of bullying and lived alone, and had no previous record of criminal activity.

In addition, it contains, like many other mass shooters in the United States, an interest in and access to high-powered weaponry and ammunition in a political system that prioritizes gun rights.