Dietrich Mateschitz Son Mark Gerhardter Net Worth and Wikipedia

Mark Gerhardter has a net worth of $26 billion, left behind by his father, Dietrich Mateschitz. 

Mark Mateschitz, aka Mark Gerhardter, is 30 years old and the next in line to be the co-owner of Red Bull GmbH.

In July 2021, he rose in the ranks and became a managing director of Mark Mateschitz Beteiligungs GmbH. He had already held the position of managing director of Thalheimer Heilwasser GmbH since August 2017. However, he resigned in April 2022.

Mateschitz and his Bundesliga team, RB Leipzig, came under fire in 2017 for comments he made at a Kleine Zeitung meeting when he suggested closing Austria’s borders to outcasts and expressed sympathy for Donald Trump and other patriotic figures.

His father passed away at the age of 78, and as the son of the richest Austrian, the public wants to know who he is.

Who Is Dietrich Mateschitz Son Mark Gerhardter? Wiki

The only son of Dietrich Mateschitz, Mark Gerhardter, is a 30-year-old co-owner of Red Bull.

Mark is a board member of “Wings for Life” with his mother, Anita.

2011 saw the graduation of Mark Mateschitz from the Werkschulheim Felbertal, a private high school in Salzburg. His classmates praised him as “intelligent, interested, and sporty,” according to the Kurier story. He pursued business administration in Salzburg.

His father started teaching him the ropes and preparing him while he was still in high school.

According to Mark, Dietrich granted him a half-share in the “Dietrich Mateschitz Verwaltungs OG” shortly after he turned 18 to prepare him for taking over the business.

Mark Mateschitz served as managing director of Thalheimer Heilwasser GmbH for nearly four years until taking the helm of Mark Mateschitz Beteiligungs GmbH in 2021. This company owns 34 percent of deaurea, a Red Bull empire real estate company.

In 2011, Dietrich Mateschitz considered Mark Mateschitz as a potential Red Bull successor. 

Mark Gerhardter Net Worth In 2022

Mark Gerhardter has a net worth of $26 billion after inheriting 49 percent of the Red Bull company.

This is quite an improvement from his previous net worth of $6 million.

After his father’s passing due to cancer, Mark sent out a message saying he will only be a shareholder and not an employee. It was a decision he and his father made long before his passing. 

“As proposed and desired by my father and I and supported by our Thai partners, a board of directors will run Red Bull’s business,” his message read.

His father, Dietrich Mateschitz, was the co-owner of Red Bull and a prominent figure in the energy drink industry. He passed away at the age of 78 due to cancer. Mateschitz was the impetus behind creating the energy drink that rose to the top of the global market.

He established a Formula 1 team that has grown to be one of the sport’s dominant forces using the riches that resulted from that. 

In September 2005, Mateschitz collaborated with his close friend and late Formula One driver Gerhard Berger to buy the Italian-registered Minardi team from its Australian owner, Paul Stoddart.

Mark’s father became an F1 supporter because he has always been intrigued by fast-paced sports. He created Red Bull after taking over the Jaguar F1 team in 2004 and then added Toro Rosso to the team on the remains of Minardi. 

Mark Gerhardter Age

Mark Gerhardter is 30 years old and was born on May 7, 1992, as Mark Dietrich Gerhardter.

The 30-year-old is an Austrian entrepreneur famously known for being the co-owner of Red Bull.

As his father was the richest man in Austria, he has now inherited the title of being the youngest and richest man in Austria after his father’s passing.

Mark Gerhardter Was Raised By Mother Anita Gerhardter

Mark Gerhardter was born to mother, Anita Gerhardter, and father Dietrich Mateschitz. His parents were in a two-year relationship before parting ways.

He works with his mother in the non-profit foundation Wings for Life. While his mother, Anita, has taken up a position as a deputy chair since September 2011, Mark became a board member in early 2022.

His mother was a ski instructor when she met Dietrich. After they separated, his mother raised him. She was born on July 6, 1965, and is 57 years old.

Dietrich Mateschitz, Mark’s father, was born to an Austro-Slovenian family on May 20, 1944, in Sankt Marein im Mürztal, Styria, Austria. His parents are both from Styria. Even though his father was born in Gross Gerau, Lower Styria, his father’s more distant family has roots there.

Dietrich Mateschitz Instagram

Mark Gerhardter is not on Instagram or any other social media, for that matter.

Some FAQs

How Did Dietrich Mateschitz make his money?

Mateschitz was the co-founder and 49% owner of Red Bull, the world’s largest energy drink maker.

How does Red Bull have so much money?

Red Bull makes money by selling its energy drinks at a massive margin and reinvesting the bulk of its massive profits into its marketing campaigns.

Where Did Mark Mateschitz Graduated From?

Mark Mateschitz graduated from the Werkschulheim Felbertal, a private high school in Salzburg, in 2011.