Eli Ostreicher Parents: Meet Eli Ostreicher Mother And Father

Ostreicher was born in London, England as part of London’s Orthodox Jewish community. In his early teens, he attended Yeshiva in UK’s Hitchin; in his later teens, Ostreicher attended SmartTrack, an IT college in London’s Lee Valley area, where he received Microsoft MCSE and Cisco CCNA certifications in 2004.

 Meet Eli Ostreicher’s Mother And Father

Ostreicher was born to his parents Wedell Ostergaard and Doris Ammentorp. In his early 20s, Ostreicher, who was paternally by birth an American, moved to the US, and now resides in NYC.

Ostreicher’s paternal grandmother is the oldest of 16 siblings to her parents Joseph and Yitta Schwartz. His great-grandmother’s mother, Yitta Schwartz, died at age 93 leaving over 2,000 living descendants; following her funeral, the New York Times ran a feature story titled: “God Said Multiply, and Did She Ever”.

Eli Ostreicher died at the age of 39 in a motorcycle accident in Thailand. Little is known about the death of award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist Eli Ostreicher, who was killed in a motorbike accident in Thailand yesterday