Who Is Judie Tzuke’s Husband, Paul Muggleton?

Judie Tzuke is married to Paul Muggleton. Paul Muggleton, whose real name is Paul Frank Muggleton, is a singer, musician, and producer of Rock and Pop. Muggleton was once a member of the British vocalist Judie Tzuke’s band “The Savages” in the middle of the 1960s.

The musician collaborated with Nick Kamen, Rhino Edwards, Frida & Agnetha (of ABBA), Thomas Anders, and others as a multi-talented musician (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), engineer, and producer.

Paul Muggleton and Judie Tzuke had worked together on some of their projects and have given hits. The couple were together not only personally but also professionally.

Judie Tzuke and Paul Muggleton had two daughters named Bailey and Tallula Tzuke. Bailey follows in her parent’s footsteps by pursuing a career as an English singer.

However, information regarding Paul Muggleton’s life is incredibly scarce. There is less information available regarding Muggleton’s parents, education, or other details. Paul decided to lead a quiet life.

How Old Is Judie Tzuke And Her Husband? Their Age Differences

Judie Myers, professionally known as Judie Tzuke, was born on 3 April 1956 in London, England. By her date of birth, Judie Tzuke has blown the 66 candles in the year 2022.

Paul Muggleton might be in his sixties or seventies. However, Paul’s exact date of birth remains a mystery. The musician had chosen to live a private life throughout his life, not disclosing any of his personal information.

There is not much age gap between Judie Tzuke and Paul Muggleton. As our guess, the couple might have four-five years of age differences. It could alter because his precise birth date is unknown.

What Is Judie Tzuke’s Net Worth 2022?

According to different well-known sources, the estimated net worth of Judie Tzuke is between $1 million to $5 million. Since Tzuke’s exact revenue is unknown, the estimated net worth might vary depending on the sources.

Judie Tzuke began her profession when she was fifteen. Tzuke has amassed a sizable fortune from her source, singing. The musician has earned enough cash to live her life lavishly.

On the other hand, Paul Muggleton’s net worth remains unknown. It is difficult to quantify the producer’s net worth because he has spent his life discreetly throughout his life.

Meet Judie Tzuke On Instagram

Judie Tzuke is available on her Instagram with the moniker @judetzuke. The singer and songwriter keep her fans up to date on her new projects via her Instagram feed.

Judie has posted 680 posts as of writing this article. Though Tzuke does not have a registered account, she has 3443 followers to date. The musician might increase her followers in the coming days.

Tzuke mostly posts her upcoming projects on her Instagram. She also posts about her daughter’s achievements to let her admirers know more about her daughter’s accomplishments.

Who is Judie Tzuke’s Daughter, Bailey Tzuke?

Bailey Jean Muggleton-Tzuke is an English singer-songwriter born on June 28, 1987. She is the daughter of record producer Paul Muggleton and singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke.

Tzuke has accompanied her mother on tours and provided backing vocals for a long time. She appeared on the Freemason’s song “Uninvited,” a cover of the 1998 Alanis Morissette song, in October 2007. 

Tzuke has just provided vocals to Rollo Armstrong’s new project, “All Thieves.” She has also been working on her stuff since joining the digital distribution company AWAL (Artists Without A Label).

In May 2010, she released her debut EP, Strong, followed by another EP, Laid Bare, in October 2010. In 2011, Alive, a live recording released on Judie Tzuke’s official website.

Some Quick Facts About Judie Tzuke

What is Judie Tzuke’s real name?

Judie Tzuke’s real name is Judie Myers.

Who are Judie Tzuke’s parents?

Judie Tzuke’s parents are Jean Silverside and Sefton Myres.

When does Judie Tzuke celebrate her birthday?

Judie Tzuke celebrates her birthday on April 3. Judie is 66 years old.

When did Judie Tzuke release her first single?

Judie Tzuke released her first single, “For You,” in 1978.