Everything On Laura Sanko And Her Entrepreneur Husband Nathan Sanko

UFC reporter Laura Sanko and her entrepreneur husband have been married for over a decade. The couple, who met in 2006, are still together and have a son named Burke.

Laura has gained much popularity through her attractive and charismatic personality. This fame and prominence have caused a considerable focus on her personal life.

Laura is always asked about her husband, known for maintaining his low-key life. Nathan Sanko usually avoids the camera despite his business and professional success.

The mother of one who has made her career as an MMA and UFC commentator and fighter left her professional life behind to focus on her family, husband, and son.

Laura Sanko has again surfaced in headlines after her exchange with the famous fighter and her good friend James Krause.

Meet Laura Sanko Husband Nathan Sanko

Laura Sanko’s husband, Nathan Sanko, is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is known for his diverse expertise in cooperate world.

Nathan became prominent and gained media headlines after dating and marrying one of the most elegant MMA and UFC commentators and analysts, Laura.

According to Sportskeeda, the couple first met in 2006 and dated for around six years before finally exchanging vows and tieing the knot. The former commentator was still competing as a professional fighter when they first met. 

She has prior experience competing in MMA, having won her only professional match through submission at Invicta FC 4 at the beginning of 2013; Sanko used a rear-naked choke to defeat Cassie Robb.

Nathan was already into many of his businesses when they exchanged their first conversation. He is the owner, co-founder, and member of many companies and brands, but he is most famous for Leggera Technologies.

We know Nathan is either camera shy or wants to maintain a low-key life; either way, he hates cameras. The couple’s first photo dates back to July 6, 2016, nearly four years after their wedding. Laura uploaded their picture with the caption, “Rare pic of the hubby and me. (He hates cameras).”

Both are in dark clothes and enjoy their time off from their busy schedules.

Businessman Nathan Sanko And His Partner Laura Met In 2006

Nathan and Laura Sanko have been married for over a decade while dating for a longer time. However, they have come a long way after meeting for the first time in 2006.

Sources like Distractify claimed that the couple first met in 2006; the rest is history. Although they might have met a long time ago, the Instagram of Laura suggests that they started dating in 2010.

The former MMA competitor posted an Instagram post on September 7, 2017, the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary, exchanging vows on September 7, 2012. She also revealed that they dated for two years before finally saying yes to each other.

She posted some of their rare pictures with a caption that reads, “5 years today! Plus, seven years of dating. Nathan, I couldn’t ask for a better life than the one we live together.” She claims she couldn’t ask for a better and more loving father for their son, a more competent provider, or a funnier best friend. So here’s to many more years!”

This post gained a lot of positive feedback, along with messages and comments of congratulations. Moreover, this post has aged very well, as they are still together and have maintained a strong bond. The couple celebrated their tenth marriage anniversary the last September.

Moreover, they are also blessed with a son named Burke in their decade-long marriage. He was born in 2014 and is currently seven.

Laura Sanko And Husband Nathan Sanko’s Son Burke Is Seven

Laura and Nathan Sanko are blessed with a son named Burke.

He is the first and only child of the long-term couple. Burke was born on December 20, 2014, and is seven and will be eight as of December 2022.

The Sanko family celebrates his birthday in a significant way. The mother of one posted some pictures of her son on December 20, 2016. It was on the second birthday of the newest member of the Sanko.

Laura captioned the post, “Happy Birthday, Burkel Bear! This year has been a blast getting to know your personality as you talk more and more. You hate wearing pants. Your knowledge of heavy machinery is unsurpassed (you can point out a horizontal borer from 100 yards).”

Sanko has a lot to say about her son, like how he can start the bobcat and the ATV all by himself, which is somewhat terrifying. His palate has narrowed considerably, but she jokes that plenty of kids have survived on chicken nuggets, bread, and milk, so she is not overly concerned.

The potty training Laura was dreading that year was accomplished overnight. She is still unsure how it happened, but Sanko guesses that the little one just decided to do it.

Laura also claims that Burke has more energy than she knew was possible. She also believes that the first two years with her newborn son were probably the best two years of her life.

She added the caption, “You’re the first to tell me I look pretty, and also the first to tell me to “go far away. You stinky” when I come home from the gym (while physically gagging…slightly dramatic). Daddy and I love you so much and can’t wait to see what year 3 brings!!”

Laura aims to show everything to her son, so she has been focusing on traveling to every part of the world and giving him the best experiences.

In a very recent video, we can see the mother-son pair going to different restaurants, wrestling rings, aquariums, and amusement parks, and in another post, we can see them in a private jet. They undoubtedly are enjoying their time together.

The former MMA and UFC commentator loves sharing her favorite moments of her son online. So on September 25, 2022, she uploaded a video where the two were casually lying in bed and enjoying popcorn. It might not be ample for others, but it’s the best time for Laura.

Nathan Sanko Is A Successful Businessman And Entrepreneur

Nathan Sanko is one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in the American cooperate world. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sanko is the Co-Founder and CEO of Leggera Technologies, LLC. He has been an executive in this brand for over nine years, starting in November 2013. Leggera Technologies is a full-service provider from initial conception thru product design, testing, and final production. 

Moreover, he has been a board member and early investor in another big company named Movista. He has been a part of the company since 2010, and Nathan is still a proud member.

Sanko is a heavyweight, given that he has spent a significant portion of his professional career heading businesses of all sizes.

Nathan launched Back 2 Basics of Indiana, LLC, one of his earliest companies, in 1997. He was in charge of the business’s day-to-day operations, which aimed to recycle the organic portion of the household garbage gathered in the City of Chicago, Illinois, for eight years.

Nathan started a new business, No Limit Safety, LLC, in 2011. Around the same time, he was appointed CEO of No Limit Wheels, LLC, a golf cart wheel manufacturer.

His expertise comes from his study and majors in Economics at the University of Arkansas between 1988 and 1992.