Is Dujon Sterling’s Brother Raheem Sterling?

Since both football players are from England and share the same name, most people mistake them for being biological brothers.

Apart from sharing a name, a country of origin, and some heritage, Dujon, and Raheem are not biologically related to one another. Dujon’s Jamaican parents gave birth to him on October 24, 1999, in Islington, England. Although he is of Jamaican descent, he currently resides in England because that is where he was born.

Raheem, on the other hand, was born on December 8, 1994, in Kingston, Jamaica’s Maverley district, where he also spent his childhood years with his siblings. Sterling attributes his distinct running gait to his mother, a former member of the Jamaican national sports team and a professional runner. When he was two years old, his father was murdered in Jamaica, and his family moved to Neasden, London, when he was five years old.

Although they play for different teams, the footballers, Dujon and Raheem, are two of the team’s best players. While Dujon is on loan from Chelsea to Stoke City and was previously playing for Blackpool, Raheem signed a five-year contract with Chelsea from Manchester City.

Dujo Sterling and Raheem Sterling As Footballers

Dujon Sterling is a relatively young English football player and one of the best players of his generation. Whereas, Raheem is 27 years old. They both share African ancestry.

Compared to Dujon, Raheem had a far better career because he was selected for England’s squads for the UEFA European Championships in 2016 and 2020, as well as the FIFA World Cups in 2014 and 2018.

Dujon might soon have a chance to play for England’s national squad. Dujon has played for England at every age level up to the Under-20 level. Alongside club teammates Jay Dasilva and Mason Mount, he started the Under-19 European Championship final for the young Lions in 2017.

Dujo Sterling’s Parents and Family Members

Dujon was born in England to Jamaican parents. He is of African descent, and it is likely that his parents arrived in England several generations earlier.

Due to the fact that they were born in Europe, it is normal to see players of African ancestry play for numerous European nations. One of Chelsea’s top young players, Dujon, is currently on loan with another team.

The athlete was raised in Islington by his parents. He started playing football when he was quite young and went to a local public school there. The internet does not provide any additional information on his parents. However, it can be mentioned that his parents are very encouraging of him and provide him with the inspiration and support he requires.

Due to the same last name as Sterling, the athlete is frequently referred to as Raheem Sterling’s brother, an English football player. But aside from their ancestry, they are not connected. His mother was a member of the Jamaican national athletics team and was a sportswoman as well. He was two years old when his father, who is no longer with him, was killed in Jamaica.