Gamecocks Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley Grew Up With Her Four Elder Siblings

Dawn Staley is the younger daughter among her siblings, with an elder sister and three brothers in the family. Growing up in North Philadelphia, her sister Tracey was more involved in raising her than her parents. 

Being a widely recognized basketball point guard inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Dawn is the manager of The South Carolina Gamecocks. 

Staley began her professional career in 1994 and started coaching in 2000. The PG won three Olympic gold medals with the USA basketball team and was crowned the Coach of the Year in 2004 and 2005.

Dawn Staley won her first gold medal as the head coach of Team USA at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Her team won all six of the matches and improved their record to 45-0. Prior to that, she also led Team USA to gold medals in the 2018 World Cup in Spain and two gold medals at the 2019 and 2021 FIBA AmeriCup.

Apart from basketball, she is fond of pets and even has a pet Havanese dog named Champ. Coach Dawn also manages the Dawn Staley Foundation, which aims to positively influence middle-school children. 

Dawn Staley Has Four Elder Siblings

Coach Dawn Staley was born in a working-class family with four other siblings. The former Basketball player Dawn was born to her parents, Clarence Staley and Estelle Staley.

She and her siblings were born in the 1960s and early 1970s. They all lived together in a three-bedroom, single-bath row house in North Philadelphia. 

Staley grew up in Raymond Rosen in Philadelphia spending most of her childhood playing basketball in a local park. Young Dawn was a massive fan of the Sixers.

Dawn Staley Elder Sister Tracey Underwood 

The basketball star has one elder sister in the family, Tracey Underwood, who works for the Richland Country Recreation commission. 

Dawn stayed by Tracey’s side during her worst days of battling cancer. They are pretty close and understand each other well. 

Dawn Has Three Brothers

Dawn’s brothers are Lawrence Staley, Anthony Staley, and Eric Staley.

They are a few years older than Dawn. 

Dawn Staley Sister Tracey Was Diagnosed With Cancer In 2020

Dawn Staley was worried about her sister Tracey when doctors diagnosed her with Leukemia.

In the initial days, her elder sister suffered from a persistent cough and became fatigued every day, unable to even walk properly. As the days passed, Tracey began feeling pain around her lymph.

The fatal disease affected the bone marrow too and Tracey needed a transplant to survive. Among her four siblings, Lawrence’s stem cells perfectly matched Tracey’s needs and she went through two rounds of chemotherapy in 2020.

On August 12, doctors transplanted her brother’s cells. After some time, she began showing positive signs of recovery. According to theitem,  Tracey is now back walking and recovering swiftly.

Dawn Staley Mother Estelle Staley Was A Disciplinarian

Dawn Staley was raised by her parents, Estelle Staley and Clarence Staley and had a strict environment in the house. Her mom was pretty strict in terms of discipline. 

The 52-year-old Coach openly admitted that she was scared of her mom, but she credits her guidance for what she is today. According to Npr.Org, her mom used to clean other people’s houses to make money. 

Dawn’s mom, Estelle, is a role model for her. Even in her coaching, she tries to impersonate her mom’s techniques and methods for those around her. 

She says, “My mom raised my siblings and me in a way that they all became successful. There was no way except for us to be successful,”. Dawn is active on her social media handles and you may follow her @staley05 on Instagram.