Meet Gord Steinke Wife Deb Steinke

Gord Steinke has a lovely wide in Deb Steinke, with whom he travels various places and goes on motorcycle rides.

Gord often likes to capture those moments in photos and uploads them on his Instagram account with more than 2100 followers. So, looking at his social media, we can find several pictures of his partner and their time together.

However, he has not discussed his wife’s professional background or personal details. Likewise, she doesn’t seem to have her own Instagram account either. As a result, extracting information regarding her background is pretty tricky.

Nonetheless, we believe that the couple has been married for a few decades and is living a happily married life.

What Is Gord Steinke Net Worth At Retirement?

Gord Steinke is considered to have a net worth of over $2 million at the time of retirement in 2022.

Halla News approximates Steinke’s net worth in 2019 to be around $1.5 million. With that details, we can expect the journalist to have over two million dollars in wealth in 2022, given his recent works and involvements. However, the official verification is still pending.

Gord started his career in journalism during his twenties and worked in the sector for 36 years before retiring. In more than three decades he spent anchoring and reporting news, there is no doubt that the man earned a pretty good amount of money.

From a young age, he was interested in news and liked to read newspapers. He even started his newspaper with his friends at his school.

Gord Steinke Age: How Old Is He?

Gord Steinke is 63 years old at the time of retirement in 2022.

Even though his birthday and actual birth data remain unknown, he was probably born around 1958-59. Growing up in the local neighborhood, Steinke started reading newspapers at the age of five and eventually became interested in journalism.

He was also interested in music and tried his passions in music and journalism in his teenage years when he formed a music band and his own newspaper. Eventually, he pursued a career in journalism and worked in the field for decades.

He also writes books and is a passionate rock music fan.