Bargain Mansions Host Ward Schraeder Net Worth In 2022

The Bargain Mansions host, Ward Schraeder, is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. His specific source of wealth and net worth is unclear to the public.

Schraeder is a self-made millionaire who hosts the HGTV Television Network house renovation show “Bargain Mansions.” He has experience working in a variety of fields, including banking, driving, and managing healthcare facilities. From his profile, it can be inferred that he is a dedicated individual who makes every attempt to achieve successful outcomes.

The entrepreneur was born in Kansas City in 1947. He is still working in a business that requires too much effort and hard work at the age of 75. He receives assistance from his staff, particularly from his daughter. He is fortunate to have an understanding daughter who is sympathetic to his parents’ needs and plans for the future.

He had a passion for remodeling and construction at a very young age. He assisted his father in rebuilding his grandfather’s ranch house while he was a young boy living in Western Kansas City.

The family had previously resided in Iowa, where he had refurbished the house with the aid of his kids. Since there was no professional team available at the time, the entire family put in a lot of effort to complete the renovation. He related a tale about finishing the house with painting, basement construction, and decking. He became a well-known television personality and a superstar thanks to his early-on-discovered love of restoration.

Trish Schraeder: Ward Schraeder Wife

Ward Schraeder married Trish Schraeder in 1974, 48 years ago. They live in Salina, Kansas, with their family members.

The couple is fortunate to have absolutely good children and nine beautiful grandchildren. Ward describes his wife as a devoted and caring partner with whom he hopes to spend a lifetime together.

With the help of his wife and family, he was able to achieve this level of achievement in his life. He has stated on his personal website that his wife Trish taught him the value of giving children their own space so that play and imagination might flourish. Having a dedicated space for children helps to keep the house clean.

In their free time, Trish and Ward like going on vacation and fishing. Together, they like watching the sunset and exchanging life stories. In addition, he plays the guitar and spends most of his time working on home and automobile renovations.

Ward Schraeder Daughter Tamara Day Is The Co-Host Of Bargain Mansions

The HGTV audience prefers and adores the pair for their program, Bargain Mansions. Tamara has been a member of the program since 2017.

Tamara works as an interior designer full-time, and she renovates homes in the Kansas City area with the assistance of her father and crew. Her father served as her inspiration for home repairs and renovations.

Tamara, a native of Kansas City, is a mother of four. She specialized in renovating enormous, abandoned homes that nobody else wanted to take on because they were too scary. She revives these massive beauties so that new families can occupy them and fall in love with them once more.

After HGTV was attracted by the podcast and the production crew filmed him speaking with his daughter, the pair were given the chance to appear on the program. Following that, they began purchasing damaged homes in Kansas City’s urban renewal area. Some of the historic homes formerly had ballrooms and coach houses, and they looked too distinctive to be demolished.

The father-daughter team quickly rose to fame and is now one of America’s most recognizable TV personalities.