HGTV Unsellable Houses Cast And Real Estate Agent Lyndsay Lamb Family And Net Worth Update

‘Unsellable Houses’ on HGTV is coming back for a second season. It is an American reality television program about interior design and home restoration that airs on HGTV.

Renowned real estate agent Lyndsay Lamb, who also hosts this program, will be shown making personal investments to assist homeowners with difficulty selling their homes because there is no immediate buyer in the market.

Twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, who manage a real estate firm, introduce the first episode of the series. The show’s first episode aired on May 14, 2019, while season two’s premiere aired on March 30, 2021.

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Who Is Lyndsay Lamb? Wikipedia Bio Of Farmhouse Fixer Cast

Lyndsay Lamb had a successful career as a real estate agent prior to deciding to enter in the entertainment industry. She made her TV debut on the HGTV program Unsellable Houses.

After serving as the marketing director for a highly successful firm, Lyndsay founded her own business, Lamb Real Estate, in 2009. She is also an expert in house staging, design, and renovation.

She is a top real estate agent in the Pacific Northwest and a native of Washington. Her years of marketing skills have helped her build a successful real estate business in Snohomish County, as per her HGTV bio.

For most of her life, the reality TV personality has teamed with her sister Leslie Davis. She made the decision to relocate and take over running her sister’s business because she had to be there for her sister.

Lyndsay had left her job at the time to care for her son. She managed to make everything work, obtained a license, and started working with customers right away.

Meet Lyndsay Lamb Husband Justin Lamb And Family

Lyndsay Lamb and her husband, Justin Lamb, encountered each other in high school and the story of ‘Unsellable Houses’ started. Soon after, they started dating, and they’ve been married ever since.

The pair has been blessed with an adorable son Miles Lamb and the family currently resides at Snohomish, Washington. In 2013, Lyndsay’s personal life almost came to an end after her son got diagnosed with cancer.

Lamb was able to continue her career as a real estate agent as Miles was cured within a year and declared to have beat cancer. In addition, the American couple has been married for over 20 years, according to the reports mentioned by Reality Titbit. 

Additionally, Justin is a researcher at the Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He contributes to Local 286 of the Society of Stationary Engineers as a part of their team.


Lyndsay Lamb And Leslie Davis Salary And Earnings: Unsellable House Cast Net Worth

Lyndsay Lamb has earned a net worth of around $2 million throughout her career while her twin sister Leslie Davis has acquired a total worth of around $1.5 million.

Lyndsay and Leslie most likely earn a salary of at least $10,000 per episode as Unsellable House hosts, given their reputation as award-winning estate agents and the pay of other HGTV hosts.

The Lamb sisters put their own capital into an unsaleable home to improve its appeal to purchasers, then they split the higher profits, less their investment, with the homeowners.

During their own time, they also devote a lot of effort to operating their own shop. Besides, Leslie had the chance to acquire knowledge by working as a real estate transaction coordinator for two years prior to becoming an agent.

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