How Ellis Genge Grew Up Around Parents And Dad Richard

Ellis Genge frequently states that his parents are the reason behind his success in becoming one of the best rugby union players. Raised by his father, Richard, Ellis spent his childhood on the Knowle West council estate. 

The 27 years old Genge, plays for the “Premiership Rugby” team of Bristol Bears as a prop player. In 2016, he made his England debut on the world stage.

Before joining Leicester Tigers, where he played 111 times between 2016 and 2022, Genge played 26 times for Bristol in a 1st stint from 2013 to 2016. His aggressive ball-carrying style & gain line success is well-known. He led Leicester to the Premiership Rugby championship in 2021–2022.

Similarly, on December 15, 2021, it was announced that Ellis would return to Bristol from Leicester in the summer of 2022. Later, the signing was publicized in a contentious video.  

Ellis Genge Grew Up Around Working Parents

Ellis Genge had a lonely childhood since his parents were both working to provide a good future for him. Growing up, his father Richard fulfilled the family’s needs while his mom worked to support him. 

Raised in “Knowle West” council estate, Ellis mostly spent his time at his grandma’s. It was almost like his second home while he was since his mom and dad had to work late most of the time.

Genge explains that his mother would drop him off there on the way to work, then he would go to nursery or school from there & frequently stay over. His grandmother lived on the next road with his great-grandma.

Similarly, the therugbyjournal states that his father affected him through the things he did, and his mother influenced him through the choices he made in his personal life.

While did not play football only because his father says, “football is garbage,” he looked up to him & his mother and found a career in rugby.

Ellis Genge Father Richard Used To Work As A Plumber

Ellis Genge still remembers how his father Richard Genge worked hard as a plumber, to fulfill the family needs.

His dad is both his biggest fan and his greatest critic. Richard had always encouraged his development as an athlete ever since he was a little child.

According to Ellis, “his father made him try everything, including judo, football, boxing, karate, and rugby, which was the last. Additionally, his father gave him a set of golf clubs. But as of now, he continues his career as a rugby career.

He honored his father by scoring his first try for his country against Italy in a Rugby World Cup warm-up game at St. James’ Park. Additionally, he was chosen for his first World Cup and played twice as a substitute against Tonga & the USA in the pool round.

Ellis Genge Received His Kindness From His Mother

Ellis Genge’s mother has been teaching him kindness and raised him to become a good person from the beginning. She affected him through the choices he made in his personal life.

Similarly, his mother made choices that directly influenced him, including whether he should go out or not. He cites her as having had the most significant impact on his career.

Ellis has a mixed ethnicity because his mother is of a mixed race & his father is English. The 6 feet 1inch tall has a sister in his family. Additionally, Genge is linked to famed boxer Muhammad Ali through his grandmother. His grandmother was born close to the location of Ali’s parents’ American house.

Ellis Genge Family Include His Wife Beauden Barrett And Son

Ellis Genge has been married to Beauden Barrett, with whom he had a longtime relationship. The pair exchanged vows in an opulent ceremony. And they were blessed with a baby boy Ragh Ellis Genge.

Beauden and Ellis started dating when they were teenagers, but it hasn’t been until recently that they settled down, 1st relocating to his flat & then to the family home in the country. 

Likewise, Barrett frequently appears in stadiums rooting for her hubby. She has also taken on a special role in supporting her family.