How Emily Rudge and Wife Gemma Walsh Found Love In Rugby

Emily Rudge is a professional rugby player who found love and married a partner from the same career. Her wife Gemma Walsh is a former rugby captain and they have been teammates before turning into a family now.

Rudge, 31, is a British-born athlete who plays for St Helens Women in the Women’s Super League. She was a Warrington native, and Before joining Thatto Heath Crusaders, Rudge previously played rugby league for a nearby Warrington team while attending Cardinal Newman High School.

She was chosen for the England women’s national rugby league squad for the first time in 2008 while still a student at Thatto Heath.

Walsh had changed teams from Wigan to Saints for the new season, which saw the pair play together in the Women’s Super League, which will proceed to the World Cup.

How Gemma Walsh and Wife Emily Rudge Found Love In Rugby.

Gemma Walsh, a former rugby player, and her wife Emily Rudge, a British rugby league player, met through the beautiful game. They were the biggest fan of each other on and off the field.

Walsh has changed teams from Wigan to Saints so that the two could play together in the Women’s Super League, which took place before the World Cup.

The women’s game is having a tremendous year, and we will see more people becoming aware of it. However, there remains a stigma, certainly within male sports, about sexuality. They don’t regard themselves as role models, yet many people will see them that way because they openly talk about their orientation.

Rudge, the captain of England, and Gemma Walsh, a teammate from St. Helens, are having a conversation at home when Rudge says, “I don’t believe we feel like role models within rugby league since there are other women players who are out homosexual.”

Both of them have made a big name in Women’s rugby. Rudge was selected as England’s captain for the test match against France after the 2018 campaign. She was also selected as England’s captain for the World 9s competition in Australia in October 2019 and the two-match test series against Papua New Guinea in November 2019.

Emily became the first English player to score four tries in a test match on November 9, 2019, when England defeated Papua New Guinea 24-10. She was one of three candidates for the 2019 Telegraph Woman of Steel award, but Leeds’ Courtney Hill won the honor.

Emily Rudge Wife Gemma Walsh Retired Early

Gemma Walsh, one of the greatest players in women’s rugby history, announced her retirement after 21 seasons playing for Golborne Girls, Hindley Ladies, Wakefield Panthers, Featherstone Rovers, Thatto Heath Crusaders, and Wigan.

Walsh committed to St Helen’s but never put on the Red Vee because of Covid and an injury. Instead, she made her World Cup debut for Great Britain, and in 2008 and 2013, she twice represented England at just 16.

She says she would like to relive the 2018 Grand Final win with Wigan over Leeds. Gemma played for a very long time, but that was particularly noteworthy. Also, Wigan had a women’s team for the first time that year. Few predicted they would finish the season strong, much less take home the championship, but they did.

Living in Wigan, getting into Rugby League was natural for Walsh. Her brother played; she would knock about with his team and watch games on TV as a family. When she turned 16, the player signed for Hindley Ladies.

Gemma had a season there and signed for Wakefield Panthers, now Featherstone Rovers. Brenda Dobek was the player-coach, and she was a massive influence on her making that move.

She is one of the best players Walsh has ever played with. She did one year of traveling, which involved her dad taking me to the train station, then getting two trains and a lift at the other end. she would d train twice a week, so it took its toll. 

Is Emily Rudge still married?

Emily Rudge is married to her wife, Gemma Walsh, a former rugby player. The couple has been happily married, and there are no rumors about their separation.

They are one of the very few couples to come out and openly talk about their sexuality. They have been praised for their bold move and will be the role model for the coming generations of women’s rugby.

Some FAQs

Is Emily Rudge Married?

Yes, Emily Rudge is married to her wife Gemma Walsh.

Does Emily Rudge have any kids?

No, Emily Rudge does not have any kids.

What is the nationality of Emily Rudge?

Emily Rudge was born in Warrington, England and is English by birth.