How Much Is Blac Chyna Worth 2022 With OnlyFans Income?

Blac Chyna is worth $240 million in 2022 with only fans. The content creator is estimated to earn around $20 million monthly from her only fans account. 

Chyna charges $19.99 per month to the subscriber to her channel in only fans. The artist seems to have more than 500,000 subscribers to her account. 

The only fans are famous for its explicit and sensual content. The content creators often engage in intercourse or self-gratifying sexual activities. 

In addition, to her only fans’ earnings, she is a famous influencer on her Instagram account. The artist has more than 16.5 million followers. 

Also, she has gained notoriety for modeling, performing, creating music videos, and collaborating with various artists. Thus, she is an internet sensation like the Kardashians. 

Similarly, we shall analyze Chyna’s net worth with other artists such as Bella Thorne and Nicki Minaj. 

Blac Chyna Net Worth Compared With Bella Thorne & Cardi B

Blac Chyna’s net worth is $250 million and is comparatively richer than Bella Thorne and Cardi B.

Bella Thorne’s net worth is $50 million. After opening the account in the first two weeks, she made around $2 million in the only fans.

Similarly, Nicki Minaj’s net worth is $100 million. Nicki makes her money through her music and streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. They pay her more than $10 million for her record. 

Similarly, Bella made her money by becoming a Disney star and an actress. Her unprecedented entry in the only fans has garnered attention and has increased her worth. 

The artist earns $240 million a year from her only fans, and she gains the rest from her business, Instagram posts, and other sponsorships. 

The socialite is quite eloquent in promoting her brand and products after achieving financial comfort and growth. She gains more than $10 million from her Instagram account, which holds 16.5 million followers. 

Also, her make-up business and the house of Blac Chyna seem to earn a significant amount of wealth for the artist to achieve net worth. 

Furthermore, let’s find out more facts about one of the highest earners from the only fans. 

Blac Chyna Fought With Alysia Magen

Blac Chyna and Alysia Magen fought each other on June 12, 2022. Chyna entered her first boxing match against an Instagram fitness model Alysia Magen. 

Alysia Magen and Blac Chyna were engaged in a personal battle. Alysia released a diss track targeting Chyna. She also poked fun at the artist’s defamation lawsuit against Kardashians. 

After long berating and insults for each other, both fighters prepared for their BBL Championship boxing match, which resulted in a draw. 

The fight did not seem to resemble a boxing match but rather a street brawl that was poorly fought. Both participations did not adhere to the game’s rules even though the verdict was given as a draw. 

Chyna and Instagram fitness model Magen’s followers increased after the match, they were trending for a few days, and they were able to capitalize on the fame. 

Both the fighters have moved on from their Celebrity boxing match. They are growing their business and influence, which have resulted in a significant surge of audience interest in those artists.