Sophia Bendz Net Worth

Sophia Bendz is a Partner at “Cherry,” an angel investor, board member of VRG foundation & RFTB, advisor to Atomico and the Swedish Prime Minister, and former marketing at Spotify.  She has not revealed her exact net worth. 

The average pay of a marketing director at Spotify is around $270,000 a year, according to Payscale. Similarly, her other investments and career today hint that she might be worth in millions.

Sophia started being a well-known figure in the business field when she took the position of Marketing Director of Spotify in 2007. She started from scratch and has come a long way through it. She is one of the most acclaimed European Angel investors and has earned massive net worth.

Her romantic and practical method of doing business has brought out the best in everything she has started. Sophia has earned herself the tag of one of the leading ladies of Europe. However, she has not revealed her net worth to the media and the general public.

Where Is Ex Spotify Marketing Director Now?

 Ex-Spotify Marketing Director Sophia is now an angel investor and the co-owner of Cherry Ventures and Atomico.

Sophia was unveiled as the newest partner at venture firm Atomico. For the last few years, she’s been the  Executive at the London-based firm, co-founded by Skype founder Niklas, helping portfolio companies with marketing strategy and recruitment.

Since 2011, Bendz has also been increasingly active as an angel investor in Europe, where she is working with source deal flow for Atomico. She has angel invested in companies that include Tictail, Joint Academy, Engaging Care, Simple Feast, Sana Labs, and many more.

Bendz started investing and made her first angel investment in 2012 when she was still at Spotify. She did it in the social shopping website Tictail, founded by a person she had worked closely with for the branding of Spotify, Carl Waldekranz. The startup was later acquired by Shopify, which eventually helped her portfolio grow.

She also said, “In the beginning, it wasn’t like I had a lot of liquidity,” she says. “Back then, I did a lot of sweat equity deals offering my know-how and experience.”

Sophia Bendz Age Husband and Wiki

Sophia is the leading lady in the field of business but has not yet revealed her details about her age or her husband.

She is a progressive woman with a great and successful career. However, she is a bit secretive and loves her space, which is why she has not revealed about her husband yet. Looking at her appearance, we can guess the business advisor might be between 30-35 years old. 

All we know about her is her nationality. She proudly embraces her ethnicity as a Swedish herself and has helped in the recognition of Sweden. As she claimed to be pregnant while she was joining hands with Atomico, it’s pretty sure that she has a kid too. Being a private person, her Instagram handle, sophiabendz is also personal and out of public sight.

Some FAQs

Who is Sophia Bendz?

Sophia Bendz is the ex-marketing director spotify and the current founder of Atomico and Cherry Ventures.

What is Angel Investor?

An Angel Investor is the person who provides an initial capital for a start-up.

How old is Sophia Bendz?

Sophia Bendz has not revealed her age yet is guessed to be around 30-35 years.