When is Hazel Lynn Roth’s Birthday?- Her Age

Hazel Lynn Roth, daughter of television host, Jasmine Roth, and Brett Roth has been all over the internet since her birth. 

Hazel is the firstborn daughter of her mother, Jasmine, and her father, Brett who has been more than excited about her birth since day 1. People who keep up with HGTV might have already seen the latest addition: Jasmine Roth which followed the pregnancy journey of Jasmine Roth.

In the program, Jasmine showed what she craved much during her pregnancy, her daughter’s nursery decor, and all the handpicked toys she selected for her daughter, Hazel. Jasmine was seen filling each section in the nursery with toys, family photos, and greenery.

Jasmine and Brett tied knots in the year 2013 and got the news of Jasmine’s pregnancy in October 2019. Finally, they got to hold their angel, their daughter, Hazel Lynn Roth on 21st April 2021. The first picture, released after Hazel’s birth made everyone go crazy over her cuteness.

After that, Hazel’s first birthday created a huge buzz all over the media when her star mother, Jasmine posted some adorable and jaw-dropping pictures of her birthday party.

The pictures shared by the Hidden Potential and Help! Wrecked My House star went viral all over the internet and people couldn’t get enough praising the one-year-old with her perfect family of three. As of 2022, Hazel is growing day by day and it’s hard to believe she has now been 2 years old. 

Is Hazel Lynn Roth on Instagram?

Hazel Lynn Roth has always been on social media through her mom’s Instagram but to our surprise now she has her account too.

Jasmine along with her husband, Brett has been very eager to meet their daughter and covered the entire pregnancy journey through their show and Jasmine’s Instagram handle.

Jasmine had posted everything about their daughter’s journey to date. Jasmine loves to keep her fans updated about her and her daughter’s life through her posts and stories. She loves to showcase her daughter’s daily progress to the world like a proud mother.

Previously, Jasmine used to post everything via her Instagram account but now, Hazel herself has an Instagram account handled by her mother Jasmine, and her father, Brett. Hazel has Instagram under the username hazelrothofficial.

Just at the age of 2, Hazel has 21.6k followers on her Instagram, and her parents post the best out the best pictures of her being dolled up and adorably cute. Hazel has become everyone’s eye candy and is loved a lot by her followers. 

Is Hazel Lynn Roth a cast on HGTV Help! I Wrecked My House?

Hazel’s mother Jasmine is a star of HGTV Help! Wrecked My House and everyone were curious to know if Hazel is also a part of it.

Jasmine is a popular host and has lately starred in HGTV Help! Wrecked My House. The show emphasizes on to rescue the homeowners who took on major DIYs and are living without bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms due to issues they can’t fix. 

Jasmine and her team help finish the problematic projects and turn mishaps into dream spaces for their clients. People were excited to see Hazel in one episode of Help! Wrecked My House as a cast but sadly she was present just for one episode of the show.