How Old Is LaTisha Scott’s Mother Ms Wanda From Love And Marriage Huntsville?

LaTisha Scott’s mother, Ms. Wanda from Love and Marriage Huntsville, is around 56 years old. She was born in the late 1960s.

Wanda celebrates her birthday on August 9, as known from the birthday post made by LaTisha and Love and Marriage Huntsville page on Facebook in 2020. However, internet sources are missing her exact birthdate and other information relating to her early age.

Many people have mentioned that the woman is around 56 to 57 years old. A few fans of the show have commented on a YouTube video saying the lady is in her mid-fifties.

Likewise, one user named Sylvia also mentioned that LaTisha’s mother gave birth to her when she was only fifteen. Although the authenticity of this information is missing, Wanda would be around 56 years old based on that detail.

Ms Wanda Moore Leeth Husband and Family

Ms. Wanda Moore Leeth’s husband seems to be LaTisha’s father, Horace Bester, but it remains unknown if they are still married.

LaTisha Scott shared a picture with her father, Horace Bester, on Instagram on June 20, wishing him Father’s day and his birthday. So, it seems like Wanda and Horace are her parents, and they got together at some time.

However, the details of their marriage are unknown to outsiders. Since Leeth has not opened up about her husband and has not shared any photos of him on her Instagram, they are likely separated.

Besides, Wanda seems to have two other children besides her daughter LaTisha. The woman has shared photos of her two sons on her Instagram using the hashtag family. So, she seems to have three children in total.

Miss Wanda Moore Leeth and Melody Shari Fight: Why Fans Want Her Out of The Show?

Fans want Miss Wanda Moore Leeth out of the show after she degraded Melody Shari and her children’s appearance on the show.

In an attempt to find her daughter’s enemy personalities, fans think Leeth has crossed her line. She tried to involve Shari’s family and spoke negatively about them. Many viewers are fed up with Wanda’s behavior and openly speak against her.

There is even a petition on the internet, where thousands of fans have signed for the woman to be out of the show due to her intolerant conduct and ignorance, reports Shadow And Act. However, the show’s makers have not fired the woman, and she is still in the cast.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Miss Wanda From Love And Marriage Huntsville?

LaTisha Scott’s mother, Ms Wanda, is around 56 years old and she celebrates her birthday on August 9.

What Is Wanda Moore Leeth Petition?

Wanda Moore Leeth petition is the demand of the fans to fire her from Love and Marriage Huntsville due to her ignorant and negative behavior.

How Many Children Does Ms Wanda Moore Leeth Have?

Miss Wanda Moore Leeth seems to have three children in total as she has shared pictures of two sons besides her daughter, LaTisha.