How to Send or Transfer Credit or Airtime on MTN

How to Send or Transfer Credit or Airtime on MTN

Since inception of the internet, so many things have become very easy. Network services now make it possible for one to stay at home and get so many things done right in one’s bedroom. Gone are the days when you have to go out of the home to do everything you want to get done.

Gone are the days when you have to go out late, go under the rain or under the sun to buy airtime, make bank transfer or buy other items; all these things can be done right in your room, while you are lying down peacefully in your bed.

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If you are an MTN network user, you can easily transfer credit from one phone to another. If for example you have a friend you want to transfer credit to, you do not need to leave your room to go and buy airtime; just dial the right code and the airtime will be transferred in no time at all.

How can I transfer credit?

  • Make sure first that you have adequate amount of credit on your phone; at least, the total credit on your phone must be equal to or more than the amount you wish to transfer.
  • After ensuring this, dial *198#.
  • A menu will show up on your phone. Reply the message by typing 2.
  • After this, follow the prompt that comes up.
  • Next, type in the particular amount you want to share, type transfer, leave a space, type the recipient’s number, leave a space and type your 4 digit pin.
  • Send to 1329.
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For example if I want to send N200 naira to 08031234567 and my 4 digit pin is 1234, the format will look like this: 200 Transfer 08031234567 1234.