Iris Fontbona’s Net Worth, Biography, Career, Awards, Fact and Life Story

Net Worth: $14 Billion
Gender: Female
Profession: Businessperson
Nationality: Chile

Iris Fontbona net worth: Iris Fontbona is a Chilean businesswoman who has a net worth of $14 billion. Iris Fontbona acquired that wealth by marrying Andronico Luksic, who built one of the biggest copper mining companies in the world, Antofagasta. Fontbona had three children with Luksic, some of whom are involved in the company. She first came into the public light when marrying her late husband, prominent businessman, Antionio Andrónico Luksic Abaroa. The duo received a large amount of public spotlight when they wed, as Fontbona was only 18 years old. She then became the majority stock holder and a multi billionaire when her husband passed away in 2005 and left his ventures, the company Quinenco, to her and their children. Luksic is said to have started once of the world’s most prominent copper mining company, but also invested in mining, financial efforts, industrial and beverage industries. At the time of his death, Luksic was the richest man in Chile and the fourth-richest person in Latin America, as well as the 132nd richest person in the world. For the past nine years, Fontbona has helped run the company, along with her children. She remains in Chile to run her business ventures. Together Fontbona and her late husband had three sons, Jean-Paul, Andronico, and Guillermo. However, Guillermo passed away from lung cancer in 2013, leaving his son Nicolas to take over as CEO of the Quinenco company. A title he has held for the past two years.

Net Worth details: Irish Fontbona owns 65 percent of the ninth largest copper producer in the world, Antofagasta. Her family’s shares are credited to her including those owned by her son Jean-Paul Kuksic. The family owns 81 percent of Quinenco and the Croatian resort chain Playa Laguna. They are invested in Canal 13 television network. Quinenco includes Banco de Chile, copper product maker Madeco, shipping company CSAV, and brewer CCU.