Is Blessthefall A Christian Band? Blessthefall Band Members

Is Blessthefall a Christian Band? Indeed, Blessthefall is a Christian metal band. 

Similar to Christian bands, other metal bands like Sleep Token are questioned whether it is a Christian metal bands. The influence of religion seems to be most prevalent in independent artists or musicians supported by a religious label. 

During their musical journey, the band has also achieved distinguished awards and positive notoriety from audiences. The group has released six studio albums, nineteen singles, and two EPs. 

The music group was able to garner popularity throughout the states, and in their International tour to Australia, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand.

The band has faced some instability during its music career. However, the band was consistent in terms of releasing their music until 2020. However, they have been on a hiatus for a couple of years. 

Anyway, let’s look at the band members’ accomplishments, songs, albums, and musical tours.

Blessthefall Band Members And Timeline

Beau Bokan (Vocalist & Keyboard player) 2008-2022
Eric Lambert (Guitarist) 2005-2022
Elliott Gruenberg (Guitarist) 2011-2022
`Jared Wrath (Bassist & Vocalist) 2004-2022
Matt Traynor (Drummer) 2004-2022
Mike Frisby (Rhythm Guitar) 2004-2011
Craig Mabbitt (Lead Vocals) 2004-2007
Miles Bergsma (Lead Guitar) 2004-2005
Andrew Barr (Keyboards) 2004-2005

Blessthefall Band Members

Blessthefall band members include Beau Bokan, Elliott Gruenberg, Eric Lambert, and Jared Warth. They are incredible metal heads that have remained relevant for nearly two decades.

The previous band members include vocalist Craig Mabbit who left the band in 2007, and guitarist Mike Frisby, founder of Blessthefall left in 2011. Besides core members, other bandmates are Andrew Barr and Miles Bergsma. 

Let’s find out background information about the core members of the band. 

Beau Bokan

Beau Bokan is one of the lead vocalists of Blessthefall. He was set to replace the former vocalist Craig Mabbit. He is the lead singer who often performs death growl and dark metal voices. 

Beau is mixed race and of Mexican descent. He is a devout Roman Catholic and has adopted a straight-edge lifestyle defined as not pursuing vices like alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. The singer has become a vegetarian since 2017. 

Similarly, the 41-year-old singer is from Los Angeles, California. He has toured all around the world with his mental screamo band. 

Blessthefall’s vocalist married Canadian pop singer Lights in 2012. The couple has a daughter together. They also collaborated in their music and released multiple duets. 

Elliott Gruenberg

Elliott Gruenberg is a rhythm guitarist who joined the band Blessthefall in 2011 and has performed in albums such as Awakening and Hollow Bodies.

The guitarist lives in Port Clinton, Ohio. The 32-year-old artist also performed in the Van’s Warped Tour. The singer dated a music enthusiast Yuga. At present, the artist is a freelance session player. 

The singer seems nostalgic about the band, as he often posts photos of their reunion and performance on social media. 

Eric Lambert

Eric Lambert was the band’s guitarist, but the artist has become a successful real estate agent in Arizona after leaving the band. Blessthehall’s musician is a married man now. 

The 34-year-old artist is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He is also a background vocalist for the band. He married Rachel Lee Ann in 2017. Lambert focuses on different parts of his life by setting aside his passion for music. 

Jared Wrath

Jared Wrath is a member of Blessthefall. He is one of the few founders of the band. The band was conceived during the high school days of the artists. 

The 36-year-old musician is the screamer in the death metal band. Wrath sings and performs growling voices and fills in during the absence of the lead vocalist. 

The singer filled in for the first time in 2007 after the absence of Craig Mabbit, who went UK to spend time with his daughter.  

Blessthefall Songs & Albums

Blessthefall songs and albums include famous tracks like “Cutthroat,” “40 days,” and “Hollow bodies” from albums like Hollow Bodies, Hard Feelings, and Black Rose Dying.

The band has released six studio albums, twenty-one music videos, two EPs, and nineteen singles. Their best-performing albums include “Witness,” “Awakening,” “Hollow Bodies,” “To those left Behind,” and “Hard Feelings.”

Their best-known music videos include Black Rose Dying from the same album, Times Like These, What’s Left of Me, Promised Ones, and Dead Air. The awards and accolades of the band are as follows;

  • Best Noise / Screamo Band Award in the 2009 Ska Punk Awards
  • Best Award At the 2009 Arizona Ska Punk Awards
  • Best Hardcore band at the 2010 Arizona Ska Punk Awards

Similarly, the artist’s popular tracks on Spotify and trending music on Youtube include the following;

  • Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted
  • Hollow Bodies
  • Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
  • Eyes Set To Kill
  • A Skylit Drive
  • Alesana
  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  • Greeley Estates

The band had entertained millions of people with its Christianity music; it was expected to achieve further growth, but the hiatus of their performance diminished the potential of the group.

Blessthefall Music Tours

Blessthefall completed their Warped Tour, the most extensive rock tour in the United States. They performed in music festivals such as Scream Out Fest in 2010. 

Different festivals like Soundwave, So What? Fest, BottomFeeder, Vans Warped tour, Download festivals, Clubhouses, and local concerts. The metalheads have also performed international shows in Japan, the UK, and Canada. 

Blessthefall’s members have toured with other metal bands like Escape the Fate, Before Their Eyes, Dance Gavin Dance, LoveHateHero, Protest the Hero, and All That Remains. The band has completed their European Tour as well. 

Similarly, the metal musicians toured with Silverstein, Norma Jeans, and Before Their Eyes, which helped them prepare for their second album, Witness. Moreover, the band often spent most of the time on the road, playing in New Zealand, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Blessthefall Merch

The merch of the Christian band includes T-shirts, Camo Bucket Hat, and their Vinyl albums of Hollwo Bodies and Witness. The band’s Hard Feelings Dad merch seems to be sold out.

Moreover, here is the merchandise of the Blessthefall band, which is available in the merch connection.

  • Roses Zip-Up Windbreaker: From $39.99
  • Picture T-shirt from $7.99
  • Parasite Shirt: $17.99
  • Hollow Bodies CD: $10.00
  • Witness CD: $10.00

Blessthefall Music Style

Blessthefall music style is a Christian metal band. Their music is depicted as metalcore, post-hardcore, and screamo. The fusion of punk metal and emo subgenre gives the band a unique dynamic. 

Christian metal is a unique style of music that introduces Christian principles, dogma, and themes of Christianity. The band also expresses Christian identity and sends a positive message through lyricism. 

Blessthefall’s lyricism includes the foundation of Judeo-Christin lyricism. Artists like Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven also discuss Christianity’s principles and the afterlife. 

Similarly, other bands like Black Sabbath, Skillet, and Demon Hunter are other Christian bands that use the same style of the musical theme while also including their signature technique in heavy metal. 

Hence, their distinct and gravitas in their music have appealed millions of fans who are still waiting for their next musical journey.

Is Blessthefall Disbanded?

Blessthehall disbanded in 2022 after Matt Traynor left; the band had little to no activity. Thus, after dwelling for a while, they dissolved last year. 

The drummer of the band, Matt, cited that due to family reasons, he shall depart from the band. Similarly, the guitarist Eric also got married. He moved on to become a real estate agent. 

Likewise, the lead singer of the band, Beau Bokan, focused on his family life and his clothing business. Hence, due to the multiple priorities of the artist and not seeing much growth for half a decade, the band decided to call it quits. 

Similarly, only a few members of the band remained permanent since its conception. The lead singer of the band, Craig Mabbit, left for Escape the Fate band in 2007.

Also, other musicians who left the band include its founder, Mike Frisby, Miles Bergsma, and Andrew Barr, who separated according to their respective priorities. 

Furthermore, in 2020 the band had not given any reason for their break, but in 2022 the band removed all their pictures from Instagram.

Additionally, band members also removed their band roles from their Instagram profiles while they expanded on their personal life.