Is David Leaving Love Island? Where Is He Going?

David has left his impression on the Lover Island Villa, but let’s find out what happened to him on the show.

David Sanclimenti was the series’ first surprise and immediately turned heads, with Gemma Owen, 19, snubbing Liam Llewellyn in a matter of hours.

The eighth season of the ‘OG dating show’ premiered on Monday night, and there was no shortage of drama. David describes himself as “a very romantic guy with my Italian charm.”

Is David Leaving Love Island?

There is currently no word on David’s leaving Love Island.

Instead, the bombshell contestant wielded power after it was revealed 24 hours prior that he had to pair up with one of the girls, despite the girls already being in relationships with the other lads.

After spending the day getting to know the girls, it was time for business owner Davide to decide which girl to steal from one of the other boys.

He explained in front of the firepit that his decision had not been easy because he only had 24 hours to get to know the other girls.

Later he decides that Gemma is the girl he wants to go on a date with. David also mentions that she is more than just attractive. He had a great time, and I’d like to learn more about her.

What Happened To Him?

He was paired with someone below him on the show. His age was a hot topic when he first began dating Gemma, who is eight years his junior at 19 years old, and it caused concern among fans.

Many viewers, however, took issue with the pair’s significant age difference, with Davide, who is eight years Gemma’s senior, being 27.

One Love Island fan, who thought the age difference was inappropriate, tweeted: ‘All I know is someone better tell Davide Gemma’s age before he picks her because it might be problematic for him on the outside.’

Moreover, one joked about the age difference between Gemma and Davide in the entire Obama administration. Nah, that can’t run between the two. 

Where Is he Going? 

David has no plans to leave. He will appear on the show.

He is currently dating Ekin-us, who is the same age as him and has her heart set on almost every guy who walks into the villa.

Despite his laid-back attitude, Davide is hoping to meet “the one,” as the self-proclaimed “Italian stallion” says he would “love” to settle down.

He said, ‘I am 27 years old,’ he says. I’m getting serious about my goals. If I find someone I like, I want to settle down and have children. 

The hunk, who has previously had serious relationships, also stated that he has ‘never cheated’ and takes dating very seriously.

‘When I’m with someone, I’m serious. One relationship lasted three and a half years, while another lasted nearly two years. ‘When I date someone, I’m certain who I’m dating,’ he explained.

Davide admitted before the show that he ‘doesn’t have a type’ and is looking for someone ‘ambitious’ and ‘family-oriented.’

Furthermore, a television star is taking the show seriously and is even considering starting a family with a lucky someone.

Who is David Outside the Show? 

Davide, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Rome, Italy, now resides in Manchester. He has been a busy guy who has lived up to his reputation as the Italian Stallion.

He is an entrepreneur who founded S Deluxe Shisha after quitting his job as a financial worker for two years.

The Italian beauty moved to Manchester a few years ago after completing his Master’s degree in Finance and Banking.