Is Dolph Ziggler Married In 2022? Wife and Girlfriend Ashley Mae Sebera

Dolph Ziggler, who wrestles and does standup comedy, previously dated girlfriend Ashley Mae Sebera.

Ziggler was born Nicholas Theodore Nemeth on the 27th of July 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Nemeth began pursuing a wrestling career in high school and made his pro debut on the 3rd of November 2004.

The wrestler is signed to WWE and performs on the Raw brand; before that, he got assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Furthermore, when the 6 feet tall fighter got assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling, he won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship twice.

Likewise, Dolph has won several championships, including World Heavyweight Championship, the United States Championship, and the Raw Tag Team Championship twice each. Similarly, he became Intercontinental Championships six times and once won the NXT Championship.

Dolph Ziggler Wife: Is The Wrestler Married?

Dolph Ziggler is in his early 40s but has kept his civil status concealed; thus, the athlete hasn’t shared if he has walked down the aisle with the love of his life or separated.

Ziggler has made 3.6k attachments on his social networking site, but not a single post features a picture of his significant other. He goes by the username @heelziggler, and 3.5 million users have followed him on his verified Instagram account.

Thus, the wrestler has yet to tie the knot with his lover and start a family. Dolph has never opened up about having a child with his ex-girlfriends, nor have any girls he dated claimed to be his kids’ mothers.

Dolph Ziggler Girlfriend: Is He Dating Ashley Mae Sebera?

Ashley Mae Sebera, who goes by the ring name Dana Brooke, is a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, gymnast, fitness competitor, and model.

However, Dana and Dolph are not in a relationship; the model has engaged to the Cuban boxer Ulysses Diaz. The couple began dating after Ashley broke up with NBA professional basketball player Enes Kanter Freedom in 2019 and agreed to tie the knot in July 2021.

Furthermore, some sources on the internet claim that athletes were together from 2015 to 2017, but she was in love with the late bodybuilder Dallas McCarver till 2017. Moreover, there are few romantic pictures of Brooke and Ziggler on the internet.

Dolph Ziggler Relationship History

Ziggler has been in a few high-profile relationships as he has dated female wrestlers and standup comedians.

The wrestler dater Nikki Bella during his early career but went separate paths in 2008. Bella is now married to the Russian dancer Artem Chigvintsev; they also have a son named Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev.

Likewise, Nemeth was also in a relationship with the former wrestling manager Sunny; Sunny was very open about her relationship with the wrestler, as per a source.

Furthermore, Dolph was in love with the comedian and actress Amy Schumer in 2012, but they only lasted for two months, and she now has a husband and a child. Similarly, he also dated the American internet star Trisha Paytas around 2016. 

However, who the standup comedian is dating now has remained a mystery as he has not made any romantic posts on his social media recently.

Who Are Dolph Ziggler Parents?

Donald P. Nemeth and Kelly Nemeth are the beloved parents of Dolph.

Kelly gave birth to their son in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, and named him Nicholas Theodore Nemeth; later, when Nicholas became a wrestler, he went with the ring name Dolph Ziggler. He chose Dolph to honor his grandfather’s name, and Ziggler was a suggestion for his friend.

Furthermore, Nemeth became a fan of professional wrestling when he attended a wrestling event at the Richfield Coliseum at age five; by 12, he decided to become one.

The athlete played his amateur wrestling career at St. Edward High School and held the school record for most pins. After graduating high school, he became a collegiate wrestler at Kent State University while majoring in political science with a pre-law minor. Moreover, the wrestler won NCAA Division I wrestling championships for three consecutive years and was a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion.

Dolph Ziggler Has Two Brothers

Ziggler has two siblings, Ryan Nemeth and Donald Nemeth; he is the oldest of three brothers. 

Ryan, who goes by the ring name Briley Pierce in WWE, is a professional wrestler, writer, actor, and comedian currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

Briley wrestled in NXT; he made his debut on the 20th of June 2012 episode of NXT as an interviewer at Full Sail University. Later, he made his ring debut against Sakamoto on the 8th of May.

Furthermore, Pierce is also on Instagram under the handle @ryrynemnem, and he has posted many pictures with Dolph. The writer has made 2.8k attachments on social media and has accumulated 34.6k followers.

However, the youngest Nemeth chose different paths than his siblings; Donald didn’t walk in his brother’s footsteps and got sentenced to 15 years in jail after pleading guilty to a few charges. 

Dolph Ziggler Career And Net Worth 

Dolph signed a contract with WWE in 2004 and has been active ever since, so he has earned a few million dollars over almost two decades of a fighting career. 

Likewise, he got into the standup comedy scene in 2013 after deciding to give it a go in 2010; the wrestler spent almost a decade studying comedy and preparing for a comedy career.

Furthermore, Nemeth performed his first standup in a small Los Angeles venue and started getting offers to perform at various comedy clubs near WWE events.

The fighter also hosted a comedy show, Flying Chuck, alongside John Morrison and his brother Ryan Nemeth. Later in 2018, Ziggler began moonlighting standup while still wrestling for WWE, did shows based on pay-per-views, and embarked on his first headlining tour in 2019.

How Much Does Dolph Ziggler Earn As A Wrestler And Standup Comedian?

Dolph has yet to reveal the earnings he makes from his WWE and standup career; he has cited that he wrestles with paying the bills in his Instagram bio.

The wealthiest wrestler in the world, Vincent McMahon, has a net worth of $2.4 billion, as per Forbes; Vincent is a former professional wrestling promoter, executive, and performer. Furthermore, he served as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from 1982 to 2022.

Likewise, John Cena has $60 million, Triple H has $150 million, and The Undertaker has $17 million in their bank accounts. Thus, Ziggler also has a considerable amount of money under his bags, and he might as well make it to the list in the future. 

Some FAQs

Does Dolph Ziggler have a wife?

Dolph Ziggler has yet to disclose if he is married and has a wife; he has yet to share any picture of him getting engaged or married to his lover.

Who is Dolph Ziggler’s girlfriend/partner?

Dolph Ziggler was in a relationship with the comedian and actress Amy Schumer, but they broke up, and he is now single.