Despite the rumored connection, Jasper Wiese is not related to Kobus Wiese based on current information.

It is understandable to see where the rumors started since both of them share the same last name and are also South Africans by nationality. On top of that, the fact that Kobus has two sons and Jasper also has a brother further creates a confusing thought that all of them might come from the same family.

However, the detailed information about the former rugby athlete’s children is not disclosed on the internet. Neither their names nor any other details of their personal or professional life are available at this time. Similarly, the currently active player’s father’s identity is also a mystery to outsiders.

These facts create further disorder among the people. But the fact that Kobus’s wife and Jasper’s mother are not the same people gives a hint that the two of them might not come from the same family. The former player is married to Belinda Wiese, whereas the rising athlete’s mother is Elmare Wiese.

From these particulars, it is thought that the two are unrelated, but they may be related to each other from other connections.

Who Is Jasper Wiese’s Brother? Family Details

Jasper Wiese’s brother is Cobus Wiese, and he is also a rugby union player currently playing in the Premiership.

Cobus is around a year younger than Jasper and has been playing for the Sale Sharks since 2020. He can play as both a flanker and a lock and has been an active member of the Sharks since he came to the English side.

Even though the siblings play for different franchises, they are strongly bonded and often close. But they don’t let that family bond come in between when they play each other and ensure their professionalism comes first on the rugby field.

Jasper Wiese And Cobus Wiese Net Worth DIfference

The net worth difference between Jasper Wiese and his brother, Cobus Wiese, is thought to be around a few thousand, but the details are pretty vague.

As of now, neither of the two’s worth is mentioned on the internet, as the official confirmations are still pending. So, due to the lack of official data, the speculated details report the figures to be a few million, but that is not a concrete piece of information.

So, we can only guess the range based on their career, and both of them have walked a similar path in their career, meaning they have a similar fortune at their disposal.