Is Orange Cassidy Dating Kris Statlander? Girlfriend/ Wife and Net Worth

Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander are not dating despite all the rumors. The wrestling stars are good friends and ring partners.

He is an American professional wrestler and trainer affiliated with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he is currently in his first reign as the AEW All-Atlantic Champion.

Also, he had previously competed as Fire Ant, a luchador enmascarado (masked professional wrestler), for the Chikara organization before joining AEW. Fire Ant was a member of the Colony stable, which twice prevailed in Chikara’s prestigious King of Trios competition and once won the Campeonatos de Parejas.

Along with Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak, he unmasked as a member of The Gentleman’s Club group during his time in Chikara. Also, he worked as a trainer at the promotion’s Wrestle Factory training facility.

Is Orange Cassidy Dating Kris Statlander?

Orange Cassidy is not in a relationship with wrestler Kris Statlander. WWE star Cassidy is single in 2022.

He avoids the media and keeps his private affairs secret. Furthermore, little is known about Cassidy’s previous engagements and relationships.

Nonetheless, he likes to post pictures of himself and his wrestling friends. JC Ryder and Kris Stadtlander, a fellow wrestler, were previously said to be dating, but that was later refuted. Parts of The Elite that Cassidy appears in.

Both of them, though, denied it, saying they were just pals since their days competing on the independent wrestling scene. Caleb Konley and Stadtlander were later found to be dating. She even sent Caleb a selfie of herself.

As a result, the two couples, Kris and Cassidy, are no longer dating as of 2022. As a result, Cassidy could still be single in 2022. He does, however, exchange and post many pictures with his female friends and AEW partners.

Orange Cassidy Net Worth And Salary In 2022

Orange Cassidy’s net worth was $2 million as of 2021, and A.E.W. paid him a salary of $500,000. PPV performances and sales are another sources of income for Cassidy.

Under the ring moniker Fire Ant, Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush trained Cipperly. At the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix, he and Soldier Ant made their competitive debut as Team Colony.

Worker Ant joined Team Colony, and the group’s moniker was altered to The Colony. Due to their inventive trio maneuvers, they became one of Chikara 2007’s most notable groups.

After defeating Flip Kendrick, Louis Lyndon, and Jonny Gargano, The Colony competed in the 2010 King of Trios event. However, they were unsuccessful. They persisted, nevertheless, competing in the 2011 King of Trios once more when they triumphed over the F.I.S.T.

He held several championships, like the 2019 Independent Wrestling Championships, throughout his time with Chikara and even during his numerous Independent promotions.

Orange Cassidy’s Wrestling Career Highlight

On March 13, 2004, Orange made its debut for the Ground Breaking Wrestling (GBW) company based in Hanover, Pennsylvania. He collaborated with Danny Rage as the New Jersey Independent All-Stars while competing as “JC Ryder.” Ryder mainly competed for GBW in 2004 but also appeared for the Valley Wrestling Alliance in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Wrestling Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland.

Beginning in 2021, Kip Sabian and Miro were the targets of a dispute between Cassidy and Best Friends.

Sabian and Miro defeated Cassidy and Chuck Taylor on March 7 at Revolution; however, on the March 31 episode of Dynamite, Cassidy and Taylor triumphed over the pair in an Arcade Anarchy battle.

The Hardy Family Office was defeated by Best Friends and Jurassic Express at All Out on September 5. Cassidy was on the victorious team. He was then ambushed by the returning Butcher and on the verge of having his head shaved when the other babyfaces emerged to save him.

Professional Wrestling Style And Persona Of Orange Cassidy

Since he has been a professional wrestler for more than ten years, Cipperly adopted his current ring name around 2007. His “Orange Cassidy” persona is based on a single sequence in the film Wet Hot American Summer, which features the character played by Paul Rudd.

Additionally, the song “Jane” by Jefferson Starship, included in the movie above’s opening credits, served as his entrance music on the independent circuit. Additionally, Ryan Gosling’s unidentified character from the movie Drive has been linked to him. 

His slow movements and careless attacks have earned him the moniker “The King of Sloth Style.” Very gentle taps to the opponent’s shins, often known as “Slow Motion Kicks” or “Kicks of Doom,” are one of his signature moves. He is also renowned for his nonsequitur advertisements, such as when he defeated Chris Jericho in a debate by focusing on his near-prodigious understanding of climate change rather than wrestling.

Some wrestling publications have referred to him as “the most popular wrestler in AEW” after his All Elite Wrestling debut in 2019. Tony Khan, the co-founder and owner of AEW claimed that the TNT executives adore his persona.

Orange Cassidy Wins His First Title In AEW

Since the AEW All-Atlantic championship was established at Forbidden Door in June, only PAC has held it. But you could tell his old foe Orange Cassidy might leave Canada as the second-ever All-Atlantic champion when his most recent defense was given the central event place on the Oct. 12 Dynamite from Toronto.

After that, he hit the ramp with a Tombstone Piledriver, and it appeared that Cassidy might lose via count out. Momentum swung when Orange bravely made it to the ring at nine, avoided a Brutalizer, then turned back when PAC kicked out.

But Danhausen prevented the champion (hey, he’s still one-third of the Trios champs) from getting ring bell hammer, which led to the ending we were anticipating. Cassidy stopped him in his tracks with a punishing shot even after referee Bryce Remsburg seized the weapon, and PAC grabbed a second hammer from beneath the ring.

 On Remsburg’s advice, Orange decided against using the hammer himself to exact revenge on his friend Trent, whom PAC used it on in another defense last Friday on Rampage.

Some FAQs

Is Orange Cassidy in a relationship?

Cassidy has not mentioned being in a relationship at all during his time in AEW and is focusing on his career.

Why Did Orange Cassidy change his theme song?

Cassidy made his entrance and debuted some new theme music to symbolize a fresh start for the AEW star who recently returned from injury.

What is Orange Cassidy’s new entrance song?

Orange Cassidy’s new entrance music is “Jane” by Jefferson Starship, a 1979 hit that Orange Cassidy used as his entrance music on the independent scene