Jackie Goldschneider Weight Gain: Did She Recover From Her Eating Disorder?

Jackie Goldschneider has had a weight gain over the last year and she looks much healthier than before. The RHONJ star looked sickly thin to the point where fans were worried about the bones on her back sticking out. As it turned out, she had secretly been battling anorexia and an eating disorder. In 2022, Jackie Goldschneider decided to take help to recover from her eating disorder and she has had weight gain since then.

Jackie Goldschneider from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is probably the only reality star who has been so forthcoming and open about her struggle with anorexia and eating disorder. Though she didn’t speak up about her issues in her first season, later she chose to incorporate her recovery into her story and share it with the viewers. Fans appreciated her for coming forward so raw about such an insensitive issue because they used to be always worried about her when she looked sickly thin. Now that she has had a weight gain, they are much relieved.

Here’s everything to know about Jackie Goldschneider’s weight gain and her struggle with and recovery from an eating disorder and anorexia!

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Jackie Goldschneider’s Weight Gain: The RHONJ Star Does Not Have Anorexia Anymore!

Jackie Goldschneider (@jackiegoldschneider) has had a weight in recent years and it’s very noticeable especially when you compare her older pictures to more recent ones.

Jackie Goldschneider giving her take on the latest trend of using Ozempic to lose weight reminded everyone of her struggle with anorexia and eating disorder when she went out of her way, at the cost of her physical health, mental well-being, and emotional comfort, to stay skinny so she wouldn’t be considered “fat.” As horrible as the whole thing was, one good thing about it is that it was all in the past. In more recent years, Jackie has been showing a healthy weight gain.

Just about one and a half years ago, the reality star shared that she was recovering from anorexia and an eating disorder that she had been battling privately for more than two decades. In an exclusive with Page Six, she said that she had “put on weight” and is “out of danger zone.” She opened up further to say that she had expanded to a team, instead of seeing just one therapist. She said that she spoke to her therapist twice a week, a medical nutritionist once a week and that she also had a women’s wellness physician. It’s no wonder that she had that healthy weight gain.

Jackie Goldschneider, after years of secretly battling anorexia and eating disorder, said that she was learning how to eat normally and intuitively and that she had put on weight as a result. She did not know exactly how many pounds she gained because she was not allowed to get on the scale but still that weight gain was an improvement on her condition. Before, she had her fans worried because there were bones sticking out on her back.

Only after the RHONJ star replaced her once “restrictive low-calorie diet” with healthy foods did she gain weight, she revealed in an interview with Us Weekly. She had always restricted herself in terms of diet when she had an eating disorder. Speaking about her weight gain, she said that she was okay with how she had gained quite a bit. Most of the time. Sometimes, anorexia would hit her again and despite knowing that she was healthy and slim, despite being committed to the process of getting better, she would find it difficult.

You know I’m still healthy and slim but that’s difficult for me. I have an entire closet of clothing that I don’t know what to do with, that doesn’t fit me; makes me feel bad. I do feel bad about the way I look sometimes. I have guilt when I eat foods that are outside of my comfort zone, so I deal with a lot of struggles.

Jackie Goldschneider’s fans are just glad that she saw it through the struggles and came out of the danger zone in terms of the health problems that her eating disorder was causing. Her weight gain and looking and feeling healthy were all a source of relief after her decreased organ function and a heart that was “not operating” at full capacity. Her “very low blood pressure”, estrogen levels, and iron levels, were also very scary. Plus, she was always freezing because she wasn’t eating enough calories to regulate her temperature.

Jackie Goldschneider’s Weight Gain Is Her Recovery From Eating Disorder and Anorexia!

Now, it seems like most of her health problems are gone. It seems as though Jackie Goldschneider is finally winning against anorexia and her eating disorder after silently fighting them for almost two decades and losing her health and well-being to them. The weight gain is a visible sign of her recovery. It was very bad when she was still on it. Remember when she underwent in vitro fertilization to bring two sets of twins into the world with her husband? She said that she “couldn’t have children naturally” because she was not eating enough food to ovulate or menstruate.

And when she got pregnant, you would think she would be happy but no, all she was concerned about was the inevitable weight gain. Jackie Goldschneider had it very hard with anorexia and an eating disorder. It might seem crazy to think that any pregnant woman would go to a pregnancy nutritionist and ask them to tell her the minimum amount she has to eat in order to have healthy babies and eat that exact minimum, but that is exactly what Jackie did. She said it was a mental illness which it was.

Even when she underwent a weight gain and looked much healthier than before and was in the process of recovery, Jackie struggled a bit to get there mentally. She found it difficult to be in a new size initially and struggled to come to terms with living in a bigger body and not being thin anymore. She said that she liked when she was always the fittest person in the room. But after she lost that identity, it was not easy for her in the beginning.

However, that was just in the beginning and now, Jackie Goldschneider seems to be doing fine. She seems to have won in the mental aspect as well. She said that she had gotten enough confidence that she didn’t feel the need to take being thin as her identity anymore. In a December 2022 interview with People, opening up about the status of her recovery, she said that she had turned a corner in her recovery in the summer and was in a really good place.

Jackie Goldschneider said that she had a really good relationship with food and she didn’t allow her emotions and food to interact with each other at all. It was such a nice change from when she couldn’t let go of all the mental issues that went along with weight gain and she tried to convince everyone that she wasn’t sick. Now, she’s healthy and not just physically but mentally as well. As of 2023, she seems to be doing well for herself.