Jacob Stallings Is A Family Man, Meet His Wife Amy Beth and Their Kids On Instagram

Jacob Stallings is the American baseball catcher who recently joined Miami Marlins. He is married to the love of his life Amy Beth Stallings.

Jacob Daniel Stallings is a baseball catcher with the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball in the United States. He played with the Pittsburgh Pirates from 2016 to 2021.

The baseballer is married to Amy Beth Stallings and is originally from Tennessee. She is presently working as a teacher at Brentwood Academy, Tennessee.

Who Is Jacob Stallings Wife Amy Beth?

Amy Beth Stallings is the wife of American baseball player Jacob Stallings. The couple married in 2012, according to the wife’s Facebook page. They’ve been married for ten years.

Amy, who is originally from, works as a teacher at Brentwood Academy. The couple lives in Brentwood, Tennesse. They are moving a lot due to Jacob’s career; meanwhile, they are set to move again to Miami as he recently joined the Miami Marlins. 

The Miami Marlins baseballer and his wife welcomed their first child in 2017 and second child in 2021. The Pair is rumored to be expecting its third child in 2022.

He started his career once he joined Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates. Stallings won the Gold Glove Award and the Fielding Bible Award in 2021. The Pirates traded Stallings to the Miami Marlins at the end of the 2021 season.

Jacob Stallings And His Wife Age Gap

Jacob Stallings, born on 22nd December 1989, is 33 years old. However, his wife, Amy Beth Stallings, age is unknown.

It’s thought that the couple’s ages aren’t that far apart. She could also be in her early thirties. Because of the baseball player’s career, the couple is frequently on the move.

Now that he has recently joined Miami Marlins, the couple might move again to Miami from Tennessee.

Jacob Stallings Family

Jacob Stallings was born to Kevin Stallings and Lisa Stallings in Lawrence, Kansas. He comes from an athletic family.

His father is the famous American Basketball Coach who was the coach of the University of Illinois, University of Pittsburgh, University of Kansas, and many more.

The baseballer’s parents presently live in Tennessee. He has two younger sisters, Alexa Stallings and Jordyn Stallings. 

Jacob played for the University of North Carolina baseball team. He was selected for Cincinnati Reds, and later in 2016, he was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

After their marriage in 2012, the couple was blessed with two children. Jacob Stallings and his wife, Amy Beth Stallings, have two children named Emmitt and Micah.

Emmitt, the eldest son, is four years old, while Micah, the youngest, is two. According to rumors, the Pair is expected to have their third child in 2022.