Jake Oettinger Parents Chris And Kelly Oettinger Still Cannot Believe Their Son Plays In The NHL

Jake Oettinger was with his parents, Chris And Kelly Oettinger, during his first NHL game. Stars goaltender Oettinger grew up with his family in Minnesota.

Last year, his parents were at the American Airlines Center when he led the Stars on the ice. Chris and Kelly are proud of their son’s achievement in the sports field. 

He began his goalie career with his dad’s approval at the age of 9. He rotated between goalie and defenseman for the following three years.

Oettinger was a freshman at Lakeville North High School. Later, he joined the USA Hockey National Team Development Program Juniors for the 2014–15 campaign.

Five Interesting Facts About Jake Oettinger Family

Ice Hockey player Jake Oettinger is the oldest child of parents Chris and Kelly Oettinger. He grew up with two other younger siblings in Minnesota. 

Jake Oettinger Parents Are Supportive Of His Hockey Career

Jake and his parents have always loved hockey, which is why he got their support for his hockey career. He seems to share a close bond with his dad, Chris.

The hockey player always acknowledges his parents in several of his interviews. In a conversation with, Jake shared that he does facetime with his family whenever he has free time.

He talks with his dad pretty much every day to stay in touch. After his 2020 playoffs, Oettinger planned a golf trip to Sand Valley in Wisconsin with his father.

His mother has also encouraged his sporting career from the beginning. She tries her best to attend every match of their son alongside her husband.

Oettinger Family Raised Him In Lakeville Minnesota

NHL player Jake was born to Chris And Kelly Oettinger in 1998. His parents raised him in Lakeville, the largest city in Dakota County, Minnesota city.

Growing up, he found his passion in hockey games. Jake asked his dad began his career as a goalie when he turned nine.

Oettinger played both as a defenseman and goalie for a few years. He thoroughly enjoyed the goalkeeper pads around the age of 12, realizing he was better at goalkeeping than defense.

The six-foot-five player spent his freshman year at Lakeville North High School. Then, he was offered to play with the USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program.

Jake says playing internationally and representing the United States overseas while competing against other nations is the coolest thing ever. 

Oettinger’s routine hasn’t changed much since his first stint in the crease. Whenever there is a whistle, he levels the skate and creases on one side.

Jake Oettinger Dad Chris Got Emotional During His Introduction In The First NHL Match

The Oettingers have been planning the trip to Dallas, having Jake rise through Boston University for three years.

The goaltender received his first NHL call-up on 3 March 2020, when Ben Bishop was sidelined with a lower-body injury.

The first three matches of the Stars season went to Anton Khudobin, and then Jake got his chance on the second game of the 2020 Western Conference Final on 8 September.

The day before, Jake texted his father that he was starting. Then, Chris wrote it down on paper and presented it to Kelly, who was in charge of a business zoom call.

On the piece of paper, Chris penned that their son was playing tomorrow, and after learning that his wife, Kelly, got choked up on the call.

The senior Oettinger got emotional during Jake’s introduction as they said he was from Lakeville, Minnesota. 

Chris recalled it brought everything home and mixed emotions as many friends and other individuals knew Jake and loved him.

Jake’s parents hadn’t seen him play in person since March. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the AHL also shut down in March and held its postseason in fanless bubbles in Canada.

Chris and Kelly had been to Austin to see Jake and traveled to Boston five or six times a season when their son was a Terrier.

His Parents Were Pleased To Watch His First NHL Game For The Stars 

Chris And Kelly Oettinger’s clan drops in to worry and smile as their rookie son splashes in the net.

Jake’s dad would turn to his mother, wondering what they had been doing and what had just occurred.

They were proud when their son was drafted by the Dallas Stars 26th overall during the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

The Oettinger couple couldn’t hold their tears of happiness when their son made his first NHL Star in a 73 Dallas victory. They were watching their son from their suite in the American Airlines Center (AAC).

Jake’s girlfriend Kennedi, her dad, Chad, and some of Chris’ bubbies from high school and college were there to watch the youngster’s first NGL game in Dallas.

He made 20 saves to maintain the Stars’ perfect record. For Chris, that was a surreal moment, even if it was paired with a feeling of a bit of anxiety.

At the time, Chris remarked since the team won and his son performed well, looking back, it was awesome. He also shared that he was probably more stressed than Jake.

Oettinger Has Two Siblings In The Family

Jake had an amazing childhood alongside his two siblings. He has a younger brother Thomas, who is now eight years old.

Meanwhile, his younger sister Kendall is presently ten years of age. That means Jake and his siblings have about 13 to 15 years of an age difference.

His brother has also begun to play hockey and occasionally plays as a goalie. Jake shared that he has noticed some of the stuff that Thomas has picked up is similar to him.

Jake’s whole family, including his parents, and two siblings, are still in their hometown, Minnesota.