Jana Pittman And Her Partner Paul Gatward Were Blessed With Adorable Twins In The Family

Olympian Jana Pittman and her partner Paul Gatward have been together for many years. The 54 years old Paul is a finance lawyer by profession and has worked in the banking industry for a long time. His areas of expertise include acquisition, construction, and real estate finance.

He has assisted several major ASX-listed firms in restructuring their loan portfolios to get better terms and tenors more appropriate for the post-GFC climate.

Similarly, he has also provided advice on the construction of securities and sophisticated financial products. Between 2012 and 2013, the Chambers Asia-Pacific listed him as a top expert in banking and corporate finance for his role in the business sector.

Jana Pittman Partner Paul Gatward Age: How Old Is He?

Paul Gatward is currently 54 years old, while he was born and raised by his parents, in Sydney, Australia. On the other hand, Jana Pittman turned 40, on November 9, 2022.

Based on their age, Jana is 14 years younger than her partner Paul, but they have a strong bond and understanding with each other. 

Gatward has already established himself in the business world. Asia-Pacific Legal 500 has also acknowledged him as a top attorney in banking and financial services during the 2014 & 2015 fiscal years.

Talking about his career portfolio, he oversaw a top 50 ASX-listed company to restructuring its $5.4 billion corporate facilities. His broad skill set, practical outlook, and intimate understanding of all parties’ goals help him complete the task effectively within budget and on time. 

On the other hand, Jana served in some television programs after retiring from her playing career. Last year, she was the cast of SAS Australia (season 2).

Jana Pittman Love Life With Paul

Former Australian athlete Jana Pittman started dating Paul Gatward in December 2019. The retired track star revealed in May 2020 that she had been with Paul for the last six months.

Paul is a Syndey-based business specializing in financial sectors. Additionally, he has advised on complicated financial products and securities structuring. Jana’s partner has also served as Australian Counsel for a Singaporean bank while refinancing USD 315 million in bank facilities.

Before meeting with Paul, the Olympian hurdler dated runner James Gurr and was divorced from English track and field athlete Chris Rawlinson. The former couple tied the knot at Morningstar Estate on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, on 31 March 2006.

After three years of marriage, Jana and Rawlinson decided to separate; the news came across in April 2009. It was announced in January 2010 that Pittman and Rawlinson agreed to renew their vows. Once again, they walked down the aisle in England on 31 March 2010.

But, on 16 April 2011, it was declared that the two had broken up again and officially divorced. It took time for Pittman to heal from her divorce, but she is now happily remarried and raising her children with her new husband, Gatward.

Jana Pittman And Paul Gatward Married Life

Jann Pittman is blissfully settled with her loving husband Gatward, and the couple was blessed with a twin child last year.

The two planned to elope in June, and by the time their child Charles Biran was born in November 2020. The pair had been hitched for “just months.”

When she announced her relationship with Paul, she shared that they were expecting their first child -Jana’s fourth and Paul’s first. On 21 October 2021, she uploaded a video on Instagram of her ultrasound, sharing the start of trimester 2 with the twin babies.

SAS Australian star Jana gave birth naturally to her daughter Willow and son Quinlan at 35 weeks on 22 March 2022.

Pittman Family Includes Her Husband Paul And Six Children

Pittman is a proud mother of six children, with two daughters, Emily and Jemima, born through an anonymous sperm donor via IVF. In addition to that, she has a son, Cornelis Levi, born on 14 December 2006, from her first marriage to Chris Rawlinson. 

At the time of Levi’s birth, Jana shared that she jogged hard for twenty minutes and felt like a whale. She and her new husband, Paul, also have a one-year-old kid named Charlie, who was born just a month before Jana joined SAS Australia.

Recently, she welcomed her twin children to the world in March 2022, the babies were born in her marriage with Paul. In October 2021, when she posted for a sweet spread with New Idea, Jana admitted that she was concerned about the logistical nightmare of her expanding family.

The Olympic doctor also shared she has no plan to have any more children and is looking forward to living out the rest of her days with her Brady Bunch family.

According to, she just bought a new house in the Hills district after the recent arrival of her twin babies. Pittman has emerged in Castle Hill after selling the Beecroft house she and attorney Paul Gatward shared for $5 million lately.

The 40-year-old  purchased the $4 million house in Beecroft before selling it and recently settled on delayed terms.