Jarome Luai Son Israel Luai: Kids and Wife Bailey Paris Toleafoa

Jarome Luai is a 25 years old rugby league footballer and a proud father to a son and two daughters.

Luai was born on the 16th of January 1997 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, to Martin Luai and Raumako Rai, and he has a lovely family of five.

The rugby league footballer made his debut for the Australian professional rugby club Penrith Panthers in round ten of the 2018 NRL season against Newcastle Knights.

Before joining the Panthers as a five-eighth/halfback, the 6 feet tall athlete played junior rugby league for the St Marys Saints, and after joining the club, he won the 2021 NRL Premiership. Furthermore, Jarome is of Māori (Tainui) and America Samoan descent, and he represented Samoa in 2017 and 2019.

Jarome Luai First Son Is Israel Luai

Jarome Luai is a proud father, and he welcomed his first child Israel Luai in Nepean Hospital in 2018; the baby made it safe and sound to the world at 5:04 pm.

Israel was 4.2kgs and 53cm long, and he is now four years old; the day the rugby league footballer had his mini version was the best day of his life, and he loves his firstborn to the moon and back.

Furthermore, the mini Luai blows the candle to celebrate his birthday on the 7th of June every passing year; his astrological sign is the third in the zodiac Gemini, represented by the twins’ Castor and Pollux.

The four-year-old is his strength, and the little panther often attends his dad’s matches. Moreover, the father-son duo is Naruto fans; the athlete posts stories of them goofing around with the Sharingan eye filters and has created highlights in his profile.

How Many Kids Does Jarome Luai Have?

Jarome has gotten blessed with three adorable kids, and he has always been thankful to his partner for blessing him with the babies.

The athlete and his sweetheart welcomed their first child Israel in 2018, and Bailey gave birth to their second child Akira three years after they had their baby boy in 2021.

Luai shared the news of having Akira through an Instagram post on the 28th of November, 2021, and he was on cloud nine to have his little princess born healthy. His daughter is ten months young and is the middle child; she has an older brother and a younger sister who just made it to the world.

The rugby league footballer welcomed his third child, his second daughter, two days ago; he announced the news via Instagram with a beautiful picture of the newborn on the 26th of September and captioned it Halo with a heart emoji. Footballers congratulated him, including Scott Sorensen, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, and Nathan Cleary. 

Does Jarome Luai Have A Wife?

Jarome has not shared the moments from his wedding nor posted any photos or videos of walking down the aisle with his partner Bailey, so his martial status has remained a mystery.

The rugby league footballer has remained professional and has not disclosed his internal life matters to the public to have a healthy relationship with his better half. Furthermore, he has yet to make a single post wishing his sweetheart a happy anniversary.

However, in an interview with ABC, he referred to his sweetheart as his missus per Dailymail. Thus, he tied the knot with his lover but has chosen not to expose those details to the media. Moreover, the couple has given life to three children and lives happily ever after.

Jarome Luai is A Family Man, Meet His Wife Bailey Toleafoa And Son Akira Luai On Instagram.

Bailey Paris Toleafoa Is The Beautiful Partner Of Jarome Luai

Jarome has been with his partner Bailey Paris Toleafoa for years; the pair makes a beautiful couple and adores each other. 

Per one of his highlights on his Instagram profile posted on the 7th of September 2021, the athlete has spent eight years with his best friend; they support and help each other grow.

Bailey is 25 years old, born in the same year as her lover, 1997, and she marks a successful round around the sun on the 18th of July every passing year. Her astrological sign is the fourth in the zodiac, Cancer, symbolized by a crab.

Toleafoa is also on Instagram under the handle @baileyparist4 but has maintained a private account; she has shared the 110 attachments she made with only 843 followers, not the general public.

Jarome Luai Has A Loving Family Of Five

Luai is a family man with a lovely family of five; he is a proud dad of three and a beloved partner of Bailey, and they are always his priority.

The footballer has posted a few pictures of his loved ones on his social networking sites, but he often shares the moments he spends with his better half and their kids on stories and has created a few highlights on his Instagram.

He goes by the username @jaromeluai_ and has made 58 posts on social media; furthermore, 205k users have followed him to witness his journey as of the 28th of September 2022. Jarome and his son love anime; he fancies Naruto’s family and has referred to his Panther gang as The Tokyo Manji Gang from Tokyo revengers. 

Who Are Jarome Luai Parents?

Martin Luai and Raumako Rai are the beloved parents of the rugby league footballer; they gave birth to Jarome in 1997 in Sydney, Australia.

However, the athlete’s family got ripped apart when his dad got detained in 2015; Martin lived an honest life to support his family for 20 years till he broke his hand on the rocks at Shelly Beach while saving his son’s teammate Casey Lafaele from drowning.

Following his injury, the elder Luai lost his job as a Lidcombe’s storeman at a milk factory, and they had a hard time living off Raumako’s earnings. So, he chose the path that became the biggest mistake of his life, and it cost him two years, two months, and 16 days of his life.

He missed Jarome’s NRL debut and the birth of his first grandson, but the athlete never blamed him nor hated him. He loves and respects his father’s sacrifices to get where he stands today.

Jarome Luai Has Three Younger Siblings

Luai is the eldest of four children and had to look after his three younger siblings, two sisters & a brother, while his dad served time behind bars.

The absence of Martin made the athlete struggle with the weight of pressure to raise and provide for not only his newborn but his partner, mother, and siblings living under the same roof.

However, Jarome never gave up on them and did his best to make end meets and provide them with a comfortable lifestyle; he also made his NFL debut around that time. His dad was missing peace, and he had to take on his father’s role in the family during the peak of his career.

Jarome Luai Net Worth In 2022

Luai has earned a decent net worth through his career as a rugby league footballer; the footballer began playing sports from a young age and played junior rugby league for the St Marys Saints before Penrith Panthers signed him.

Furthermore, the athlete is of Māori (Tainui) and America Samoan descent through his paternal grandparents, who are from Palauli; thus, he represented Samoa at the 2017 World Cup.

Likewise, he also represented Samoa 9s in 2019, Māori All-Stars in 2021, and New South Wales in 2021/22. Hence, Jarome gets well paid for the time and effort he devotes to his games; he won the 2021 NRL Premiership with his club.

Jarome Luai Salary And Earnings

Jarome earns sound finances through his profession as a footballer playing for the Penrith Panthers in the NRL as a five-eighth or halfback, but he has kept the details of his salaries confidential. 

He began playing for the Panthers in 2015 and played 33 games for the club in NYC from 2015 to 2017. Later on the 11th of May, 2018, he made his official debut with the rugby league football club against Newcastle Knights in round 10.

Likewise, the rugby league footballer made 13 appearances in the 2019 NRL season, 23 games in the 2020 NRL season, and 25 games in the 2021 NRL season. He made his debut for New South Wales in a victory against Queensland in the 2021 State of Origin series.

Furthermore, Luai also gets endorsed by brands, including Adidas Australia, JBL Australia, and Heartland Motors Blacktown. Thus, he makes extra earnings and assets from brand endorsements and social media promotions. 

Some FAQs

Does Jarome Luai have a son?

Yes, Jarome Luai has a son whom he loves and adores to the moon and back named Israel Luai.

How many kids does Jarome Luai share with his partner?

Jarome Luai and his partner Bailey Paris Toleafoa shares three kids, one adorable son and two gorgeous daughters.

Is Jarome Luai married to Bailey Paris Toleafoa?

Jarome Luai is married to Bailey Paris Toleafoa as he refers to Bailey as his missus.