Jeff Fenech Daughters With Wife Suzee Fenech, Fun Facts About His Children

Jeff Fenech, former Australian former boxer, has three children with his wife, Suzee Fenech.

Fenech believes that he is a fortunate man to have his family by his side in an incredibly tough situation. He is a renowned boxer with incredible boxing records. He held the IBF bantamweight title from 1985 to 1987, the WBC super-bantamweight title from 1987 to 1988, and the WBC featherweight title from 1988 to 1990, winning world championships in all three classes.

He also has a good relationship with famous fighter Mike Tyson. When Mike came out of retirement in 2020, Fenech trained him to prepare him for the fight against Roy Jones Jr. he had also trained Mike in 2005, which is also considered a relaunch of Mike Tyson’s career.

Profession Professional Boxer And Trainer
Age 58
Nationality Australian
Birthplace Sydney
Parents Paul Fenech, Mary Fenech
Marital Status Married
Wife Suzee Fenech (m. 1996)
Children Kayla Fenech, Beau Fenech, Jessica Fenech

Who Are Former Boxer Jeff Fenech’s Children?

Jeff is blessed with three kids with his current wife, Suzee Fenech, one of them is his daughter, Kayla Fenech.

Kayla is a well-known singer, songwriter, and internet personality. His other children have not appeared much on the internet and the media as they are not involved in the entertainment business.

However, his eldest daughter Jessica made headlines in October 2019 when she rushed from Australia to Thailand to complete her martial rituals in front of her father. He was admitted to a hospital in Thailand at that time as he had some complications with his heart and required open heart surgery.

He would be unable to attend his daughter’s wedding while he recovered from a five-hour procedure on a heart valve infection that nearly claimed his life. Suzee, Jessica’s mother, escorted Jessica down the hospital hallway while she was dressed in a short bright dress suit with a veil.

Just ten minutes before their father was carried into the operating room for the lengthy procedure, she and her siblings arrived at the hospital. Doctors advised it would be too unsafe for Fenech to travel back to Australia, so he will not be able to lead his second daughter Jess down the aisle next week due to his prolonged stay in Thailand.

However, after his successful operation, Fenech could attend his daughter’s wedding in Australia. Against all chances, Fenech arrived in Sydney and made it to the church in time to assist Jessica at her wedding. Jessica got married at St. Mary’s Cathedral in all her family’s presence.

Fenech was upset about missing the wedding, but seeing his entire family together gave him a much-needed lift. This also helped him psychologically to heal more quickly. 

Jeff Fenech’s 26 Years Long Marital Relationship With Wife Suzee Fenech

Jeff married his wife, Suzee Fenech, on August 10 1996, in the presence of his friends and family. Suzee is not seen frequently appearing in the media despite being the wife of a renowned boxing personality. She is seen occasionally on Jeff’s Instagram. Recently about a month ago, the former world champion wished his wife on the occasion of their 26th wedding anniversary via his Instagram.

Suzee has been alongside her husband in every situation of his life. She held his hands in the difficult times and has been a source of motivation for Jeff to continue pushing forward in his career and become a famous name in the field of professional boxing.

Despite being a professional boxer, he has also shown his qualities by becoming a boxing trainer after his retirement in the late 1990s. He has trained famous personalities like Mike Tyson, who is also his good friend.

Jeff Fenech’s Net Worth In 2022

Jeff is a prominent figure in the boxing field, and throughout the years, he has earned lots of fame and money. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions. However, he has never revealed his financial assets publicly. He has earned his net worth via boxing matches and his career as a boxing trainer.

He won world championships in three weight classes, winning the IBF bantamweight title (1985–1987), the WBC super-bantamweight title (1987–1988), and the WBC featherweight title (1988–1990). The fights he had with Ghanaian boxer Azumah Nelson are what made him famous. Johnny Lewis coached him entirely while he was professionally active in the boxing field.

In 2002 and 2003, the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame’s Moderns division both inducted Jeff Fenech. In 2013, he became the fourth person to achieve Legend status.

Former 3 Times World Champion Jeff Fenech’s Early Life And Career Beginnings

Jeff was born on 28 May 1964 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, to Maltese parents Paul and Mary Fenech. He grew up with his parents in his hometown when he was first introduced to the world of sports. Jeff as a child, played rugby before switching to boxing. He was introduced to boxing after meeting Johnny Lewis at the Newtown Police Boys Club in Sydney. He had previously played junior rugby league and fought with the law as a child.

Following that, Fenech enjoyed a successful amateur career that enabled him to represent his nation at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, where he was chosen to captain the boxing squad. Fenech was defeated by Yugoslavian Redep Redepovski in a contentious quarterfinal match at the Olympics.

Fenech was first declared the winner, but the Olympic Boxing Committee’s intervention and a full recount caused the decision to be overturned, and Redepovski was handed the victory. That choice ultimately led Fenech to become a professional later in 1984. It only took Fenech six professional battles to surpass all other contenders.

After starting his career, he advanced to the eighth-fastest boxer to compete in a world championship. He continued to win fights in various weight categories before retiring in 1996 with 28 wins, three defeats, and one draw, with 21 victories coming by knockout. He did, however, come out of retirement in 2008 to take on Azumah Nelson in what was later billed as the century’s most incredible revenge fight.

Jeff didn’t have many legal troubles in his life but he had done some evil things that led him to have some legal issues in the past. The main turning point in his career was a legal issue he faced as a child, which introduced him to boxing. Despite that, he was accused of theft in 2005.

Fenech entered a guilty plea for his part in the theft of three gold watches worth a combined $327 from a boutique store on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Security cameras within the business provided unequivocal proof of his participation, showing that Fenech took a direct part in the incident.

He has also put himself into scary situations due to conflicts with criminals. Fenech was attacked and stabbed by four guys in Sydney on January 5, 2004, suffering face injuries requiring reconstructive surgery. The Fenech family home was shot at in June of the same year; seven bullets were found, but no one was hurt.

According to Australian media, Fenech’s 2003 bar fight with a gang member catalyzed the two attacks on him. Fenech doesn’t think the violent incidents are connected, despite a Lebanese gang member claiming they would kill him.