Joni Meyer-Crothers Story: What Did Mitchell Miller Bruins Say?

The signing of defenseman Mitchell Miller by the Boston Bruins is clouded by his controversy of bullying a classmate as a youngster.

Joni Meyer-Crothers, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers’ mother, claims Mitchell bullied her adopted son, who is physically challenged, for years. He pleaded guilty to an aggression charge in middle school and violated the Ohio Safe Schools Act.

Mitchell’s draft rights were revoked by the Arizona Coyotes immediately after he was taken in 2020 after allegations of his conviction at the age of 14 emerged.

Joni Meyer-Crothers Story: What Did Mitchell Miller Bruins Say?

In 2016, Bruins recruit Mitchell Miller assaulted Joni Meyer-Crothers’ adoptive son, Isaiah, saying that his real parents did not love him and that’s why the Crothers adopted him.

Besides, Miller and his buddies tormented him daily, using the N-word, as reported by NBCBoston. He would ask Isaiah to sit next to him on the bus, and as soon as he did, Miller and his companions would repeatedly punch Isaiah in the head.

Similarly, Miller and another adolescent were accused of forcing him to consume a candy push pop after wiping it in a restroom urinal. Security footage even showed them kicking and hitting him.

According to Yahoo News, Miller delivered written apologies to each NHL team before the 2020 draft but didn’t send one to the victim. 

Based on the New York Times, the Bruins believe he did not apologize to the victim until they requested him to do so, which he did on social media sites.

Joni Meyer-Crothers, Isaiah’s mother, told the newspaper that the other kid involved in the harassment had personally visited Isaiah and apologized for their behavior while they were in high school.

The Hockey Player Miller Released An Apologetic Statement On Friday

Miller issued an apology statement on Friday for a bullying incident in 2016, admitting that he made a stupid decision and acted immaturely in eighth grade.

Yahoo News wrote his statement accepting that he bullied one of his classmates, regrets the event, and has apologized to the individual. Since then, he has gained a deeper understanding of the far-reaching ramifications of his acts, which he failed to perceive and comprehend nearly seven years ago.

Before that, Meyer-Crothers claims Mitchell recently sent her son a Snapchat apology and clarified that the incident had nothing to do with hockey (via NBC)

Moreover, the Bruins claim to have spent time with Mitchell to get to know him better. While Meyer-Crothers thinks the team is failing to consider the harm done to her kid.

Meyer-Crothers Family Aftermath Of Miller’s Mistreatment

Meyer-Crothers recounted Isaiah’s and her family’s ongoing trauma as a result of Miller’s persistent maltreatment. Following the announcement of Miller’s contract on Friday, she stated that her son Isaiah was “not doing well at all.”

Every time the subject was brought up, it returned her son to where he was. To sit at the booth with Mitchell in the seventh grade, he had to sit alone in the lunchroom, which continues to replay in her adoptive son, Isaiah’s head.

According to The Athletic, Joni Meyer also described how her child was already behind the eight-ball due to fetal alcohol syndrome and drug exposure. Even though her son only wanted to make friends, he was bullied as a child.

Furthermore, she stated that she would explain how Miller’s harassment affected Isaiah and her family, as well as provide the reports she has gotten on Isaiah’s mental health.

Mitchell Miller Ineligible To Play In Professional League

Miller, 20, was recruited by the Bruins on Friday but is ineligible to compete in the professional league, according to the league’s commissioner.

Basically, he was tasked with representing the Providence Bruins, an American Hockey League affiliate of Boston. According to the New York Times, the NHL commissioner and Bruins players have both voiced their opposition to the agreement.

On Saturday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman informed reporters that the Bruins had not conferred with the league before signing Miller.

He stated that Miller was ineligible to play in the NHL and that the Bruins would have to obtain the league’s approval before promoting him from the AHL.

An article by NHL mentioned that Miller was dismissed from the University of North Dakota hockey team and had his draft rights forfeited.

Last year after sitting out the 2020-21 season, Miller played in the United States Hockey League for Tri-City. As the USHL’s top player and defenseman, he tallied 39 goals and 83 points to tie for the league lead.