Jose Mangin’ Net Worth Is In Millions

Jose Mangin has a net worth of $94 million, as reported by Popularbio.

This is a high estimation of his net worth value, so many wonders if it’s genuine or fake. Other sites like idolnetworth have estimated his net worth to be $4 million, but on the other hand, allfamousbirthdays has mentioned his net worth as $1.5 million.

Hence, the exact amount of his net worth is not verified, and no official sources have confirmed his precise wealth.

But, it is known that he makes a substantial amount of money from his career as a radio host on Sirius XM. His earnings are not just from his radio career but also from his business ventures and as an ambassador.

He Co-owns Riazul Tequila

Mangin is the co-owner of the tequila brand Riazul Tequila. The brand was launched in 2008, but Riazul Tequila gained quick praise from tequila experts and enthusiasts alike.

Riazul is available in thousands of restaurants, bars, and retail outlets throughout key markets in Mexico, the USA, and Europe. They have three different varieties of tequila such as Riazul Tequila Plata, Reposado, and Añejo.

They also produce two varieties of Mezcal such as Riazuleño Clasico and Riazuleño Contemporaneo.

He Is the Artist Relations Director

Mangin represents the multi-million dollar clothing line Affliction. He is also the vice-president of Brand Management based in California and works closely with the artists on all Affliction music branding.

The clothing brand was launched in 2005; they have a wide range of products hoodies, t-shirts, swimwear, headwear, jeans, jackets, and watches. Affliction’s majority of the products are made in the USA. They have men’s and women’s collections which can be purchased from their official website. 

He Has Charity For Science

Mangin has started a non-profit organization Headbang For Science. The organization gives an annual scholarship award to a graduating high school senior majoring in science/medicine which needs financial assistance.

The board of directors in the organization includes the most significant rock festival promoter, a Grammy award-winning artist, and individuals from various backgrounds in the music industry.

Jose Mangin’s Career Overview

Mangin first began to work at the campus radio station as music director. Later he moved to New Jersey to pursue his radio career, and soon SiriusXM recruited him to launch the rock division.

He helped to create SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal and Octane stations almost 20 years ago. Mangin is also the director of programming, the on-air host for those channels, and the longest-running rock host in the company.

Mangin is one of the most famous people in the metal world, and industry publication has named him the 9th most influential person in the metal world. From his radio career, he diversified his profession.

He is also an entrepreneur, and several companies have sponsored him over time, including a Mexican beer maker. He is Artist Relations Director for clothing brand Affliction and co-owner of Riazul Tequila.

Jose Mangin And His Wife Melissa Mangin

Jose Mangin is married to his beautiful wife Melissa; they exchanged their wedding vows on July 28, 2001.

The pair first met each other at TVT Records, where both of them were working. The couple moved in together a week after they met, and nine months later, they decided to get married.

During their 20th anniversary, Jose shared a picture of them, captioning how his wife was out of the league; he knew at first sight that she was the one for him and the mother of his children.

He feels truly blessed to have his wife in his life, who loves and supports him immensely. The couple is blessed with two daughters, Ava and Maya.

According to her LinkedIn, Melissa is a District Manager for the Victoria’s Secret in California. She has also worked as district manager for renowned brands such as Carolina Herrera and Guess?, Inc.

Jose Mangin’s Family And Early Life

Mangin was born in 1977 in Phoenix. Before settling in Douglas, he and his family were in Phoenix, Sierra Vista, and Tucson. He hasn’t shared many details about his family in the media.

Mangin is a graduate of the University of Arizona. Then he joined the graduate school in Tennessee and received a degree in chemistry. He was introduced to metal by his cousin when he was in kindergarten.

In 1992, he attended Iron Maiden and Anthrax’s concert at Compton Terrace, south of Chandler which was his first concert. His parents were not supportive of his interest in metal.