Kayce Smith Pregnant With Boyfriend Nathan Sebesta

Kayce Smith is pregnant with her boyfriend, Nathan Sebesta. Kayce stated in her blog that she is pregnant. 

After receiving the news, Kayce did not share the information with her family. She explains in her blog that she feels emotional and is overthinking every moment of her life. 

Kayce added, “According to the physician, My boyfriend and I’ll be allowed to leave the hospital with a baby in February.” Both Kayce and Nathan seem to have not planned the pregnancy. 

However, they are fortunate and feel blessed after receiving the good news. After moving to New York, she was not interested in having kids.

Nonetheless, her boyfriend insisted that she would be a fantastic mother. Thus, the duo’s love seems to have fostered their relationship with love, affection, and intimacy. 

Kayce Smith And Her Boyfriend Age Gap

Kayce and her boyfriend’s age gap is only 2-5 years. Smith is 33 years old. She is a talented individual who has appeared as a host repped by CAA.

She is a multi-media personality who has worked in Barstool sports. She is also a TV personality and host working in NBC Sports Boston. 

Before her work in NBC, she worked as co-owner, host, and managing editor of The Kayce Smith Show from 2016-2017. 

Additionally, she has a background in reporting for ESPN and Fox Sports. Thus, the blogger and Instagram influencer are in touch with her fans through her writing and reporting. 

Overall, she is a football fan and often states her passion for the game. She shared the news of her pregnancy with her football fans and supporters. 

Kayce, Smith, Are They Married?

Kayce Smith is not married. She is together with Nathan Sebesta. He is an ordinary individual who is working in New York. 

The couple is living with each other in Newyork apartment. They seem to share a conscious relationship and palpable bond with one another. 

Similarly, the pair will likely decide on a new chapter of their life. They shall take steps towards building a stronger relationship with one another. 

Overall, she is an eloquent individual who has been with her partner for quite some time. Thus they are likely to make their bond permanent. 

Additionally, the host of Barstool sports has around $2 million as her net worth. Also, her partner seems to have a financially stable career. 

Hence, Kayce shall have more opportunities and avenues to maintain notable accomplishments in the overall aspects of her life.