Lady Jade K104 Age

Lady Jade K104 celebrates her birthday in June as per the YouTube video where her colleagues wished her birthday. It was at “The Big Station,” where she was wished her birthday surprise. K104 claimed she would remember that birthday forever.

In the same video, there was a comment that she was 38. If she was 38 in 2016, she must be 44 years old. However, she looks younger and not in her mid-forties. Her long-term career of 19 years ended on 22 August as she resigned from K104.

The host said she would explain, and netizens are waiting for her explanation. She is a witty, funny, lovable, and fun-loving personality. The host is a lack in the show for sure. Those who were listening to her for sure will miss her. 

Meet Lady Jade K104 Husband

Lady Jade K104 announced on the show in 2013 that she is engaged to her husband-to-be. You can watch the video here present on YouTube. Christopher Harmon has uploaded her wedding video on YouTube. 

However, the couple got divorced. Sometimes marriages do not last forever. Her spouse was T.A. You can go through the link to look at Lady Jade and her Mr Muscles together. 

What Is Lady Jade K104 Salary?

Lady Jade K104 was associated with the FM for almost two decades. She joined the radio when she was young. Her salary was approximately $400K annually. Her salary might be more than the average salary bracket for the new host. 

With her experience, the host must be getting a handsome salary. However, she is leaving work and has not shared where she will be working next. We wish to listen to her soon with her career growth. All the best to her. 

Why Is Lady Jade K104 Leaving? Resignation News

Lady Jade, the host of K104, announced that she would be leaving. Besides, she also stated that she is aware everyone is shocked and confused. For this, she promises not to ignore any of the questions. 

In addition, she mentioned that she is gathering herself. What might have happened to her is that she is putting herself together. However, people think there must be something wrong with her leaving. We hope Lady Jade will share soon what was the reason for her to resign.

Many of her fans commented that they listen to the K104 morning show! just because she was there. Others mentioned that they wouldn’t listen to it anymore. Is it K104 will be losing its audiences as they lose Jade. Seems like Jade got many fans during her tenure with K104.

She spent 19 years with the FM. This duration is too long for someone to gain more audiences and become part of their morning. She has mentioned on her IG post that she had resigned and would explain soon.