Leke Adeboye: Things You Didn’t Know about Him

Leke Adeboye is the last born of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (R.C.C.G); Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

He is also an assistant pastor at R.C.C.G where he serves in the position of the senior personal assistant to his father, the General Overseer of R.C.C.G.

In this post, you’ll discover several interesting things about Pastor Leke Adeboye.

Early Years

Although, Leke was born in Lagos, he grew up with his family at the Redemption camp in Ogun State. According to him, he was three months old when his family moved to the Redemption camp.

Leke spent most of his childhood at the camp until when he travelled to England for his higher education. At the time when he moved to the camp with his family, the neighbourhood was an isolated expanse of land with no access to electricity or telephone. Even the villages around weren’t yet developed.

According to Leke and unknown to a lot of people; the Adeboye family that many see as wealthy and popular actually started from nothing.



Leke is the senior personal assistant to his father. He says the position is that of a glorified messenger. According to him, he was the first person in the history of R.C.C.G to be interviewed prior to becoming a personal assistant to the General Overseer. When he was little he would love to wear his pastor stoles and preach to children.



Leke completed his Masters in Engineering Project Management at the Bournemouth University. Before bagging his Masters degree, he obtained a degree in Aerospace Technology and Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire.

Leke’s secondary education was at the Command Secondary School, Apata, Ibadan and Kent Canterbury in England.


After completing his education, Leke was hoping to use his education and training to help the church but little did he know that he would become the special assistant to his father and become involved with the mission in his current capacity.

According to Leke, the personal assistant position of the Redeemed Christian Church of God pays the lowest salary grade in the mission. Prior to being appointed into this position, he passed through an eight hour gruelling interview in which he wore a suit at the beginning of the process but came out with only singlet and boxers.


When he eventually got to the appointment, there was a twist. Unlike other appointees that are usually given three to six month probation, in his case he was placed on probation for eighteen months.

Leke dispels any form of familiarity by reiterating that he doesn’t see his job as just a family appointment but he sees his relationship with his father during the course of work as that of working under a principal or a boss.


Leke spells out his job description as the senior personal assistant in one simple sentence. According to him, his job is to ensure that the Chief Executive Officer get his primary assignment done without missing out anyone.

Apart from Leke’s work as P.A he also has other responsibilities. Overall, his experience in the mission has been quite great and interesting.



Leke is happily married with three children. His wife’s name is Titilope Rachel Adeboye. She’s a graduate of Mass Communication and she also has a Masters Degree in International Business at Loughborough University. Titilope is the CEO of OASIS Suya Eatery and Shawarma as well as Mimi’s confectionary.



Leke has a flair for bikes and extreme sports although he says marriage has reduced the frequency of his involvement in these activities.


About Being Pastor Adeboye’s son

Leke has some interesting things to say about being the son of the popular Daddy G.O.

According to Leke, due to his position as the son of the popular Nigerian preacher, he is often subjected to being judge by people. Also, people often expect a certain conduct and capabilities due to his position as the son of Pastor Adeboye. For instance, during his NYSC days, he was often appointed to pray whenever the corp members held their monthly meeting. Leke also reiterates how he’s expected to know the bible, know how to pray and even preach just because of his affiliations with the Adeboye family.


Pastor Adeboye

Leke has some interesting things to say about his father, Pastor E.A Adeboye. According to Leke, his father loves to fish as a result; they’ve always had a fish pond set up at every place they’ve lived.

Also, Daddy Adeboye is an avid fan of the James Bond series. Leke also states that his father likes to walk and go on train rides which they often do when they are outside of the country.

Leke thinks his father is loved by many because he is a man of God but he believes his father is simply focused on his primary assignment of getting people to heaven. And as it is with every successful person, he also has several haters and critics.


Pastor Folu Adeboye

Leke’s mother is Pastor Foluke Adeboye is the wife of Pastor Enoch Adeboye. She got married to her husband on the 17th of December, 1967.

Pastor Foluke was born on the 13th of July 1948. She’s a very dutiful wife to the G.O and she’s often seen with him at his preaching engagements


Pastor Folu was ordained as a pastor in 1996 and she’s particularly known for her gifts of administration, planning and hospitality. Pastor Folu is a mother not only to her four children but to countless Christians both within the mission and beyond. Her counseling and mentoring has been an encouragement to millions of people all over the world.

His siblings

Leke has three older siblings. The first is Pastor Adeolu Adeboye who owns the Wise Man Apparel, a fashion outfit with offices all over Nigeria.

He also has another brother, Pastor Oluwadamilare Adeboye, who is the RCCG Pastor in charge of the National Youth Affairs. Pastor Damilare also works with all the Redeemed Campus Fellowship across the country.